Police feared airport stand-off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CharlieBubbles, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. An Israeli general wanted for alleged war crimes escaped arrest in the UK because British police feared an armed confrontation at Heathrow airport.
    Documents seen by BBC News reveal how Major General Doron Almog managed to fly back to Israel when police failed to board his plane in September 2005.

    He stayed on board for two hours after a tip-off that he was facing detention.

    Police were concerned about a potential clash with Israeli air marshals or armed personal security on the plane.

    Maj Gen Almog had flown to the UK for social and charitable visits to Jewish communities in Solihull, in the West Midlands, and Manchester.

    Lawyers acting for Palestinian campaigners lobbied the Metropolitan Police to act over allegations he had ordered the destruction in 2002 of more than 50 Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip.
  2. Perhaps they didn't arrest him because he's commited no crime in Britain, I'm sick to death of foreigners bringing their problems to this country and getting us invoved. It's like all the crap when Pinoche was over here. I'm sure had he commited a crime here he would have been arrested unless of course he had diplomatic immunity.
  3. I suspect the only 'armed confrontation' they really feared was in Washington next time Milliband visited.
  4. What is the legal standing for someone who is still aboard an aircraft that has landed but they haven't been processed through any immigration process etc?
    Do the police still have the right to board an aircraft belonging to another country just because it is on British soil?
  5. Ignoring the fact it would have got messy in a bad way, i would love to see the police try and grab him from the plane. And then the israeli reaction!!!

    On a side note, would also love to see the lawyers lined up and shot. He has commited no crime, that i can see, in this country. What grounds would they have for touching him??

  6. Reading between the lines on this, I think that the real reason that Israeli Maj Gen was allowed to fly home was that HMG didn't want to set create circumstances that could see British politicians and senior military officers arrested on real or imagined 'war crimes' charges in other countries.

    There are plenty of individuals and groups with axes to grind against the UK over Iraq for example. If the police HAD arrested the Maj Gen, then it is entirely possible that lawyers/activists etc in a third country may tried to use the precedent to have Tony Blair arrested over the invasion of Iraq for instance.
  7. Sorry, are you arguing for or against? :D
  8. Yes they do. Commerical aircraft are not sovereign territory.

    The general was supposed to have been tipped off. I suspect some canny civil servant did it to avoid a messy diplomatic confrontation between the UK and the only true democracy in the Middle East. The correct decision I think.
  9. i suppose if the UN had valid charges against him, he should have been lifted.

    the Blair example is quite relevant. were there any valid charges against this general??

  10. A democracy maybe, but also a very volatile one.
  11. We signed something to do with war crimes, War Crimes Act of 1996 I think, and that all counties could arrest suspected criminal and hold them for transport to the Haig. I think it was one of the first things that labour did, along with unfriendly mines, part of the ethical government (naive more like). The US saw the problems with this and refused to sign. Was it that knobe Hatchel who tried to arrest Mugabe and got punched.

    Would he be travelling under a diplomatic passport, if so they have no authority to arrest.

    And as for the out come if they wanted to arrest him, starvation in a siege works very well. If they wanted to hold him the plane would not leave the ground. When was the last time the police rushed into an armed situation? The policy is to sit and bore them out.
  12. I agree, I doubt it was because of fearing an armed confrontation, as it wouldnt have been too dificult to prevent the aricraft taking off again would it, an armed confrontation is a no brainer if you cant escape.
  13. In an armed conflict between a civilian aircraft and Typhoon, even the RAF couldn't screw that one up could they?
  14. True, but as you no doubt know, common sense can often be overtaken by adrenalin. And the Israeli Air Marshels are Nails; most will have seen active service with the IDF, possible with Sayret Maktal or other elite units. And, because they specialise in CQB in an aircraft, they would have had an advantage over CO19, who have to train for multiple scenarios and areas.

    I don't blame the police at all. I believe they took the correct decision - not least because the Israeli had not commited a crime against a British citizen.

    At the end of the day, we pay the police to risk their lives in defence of British citizens - not a bunch of ragheads thousands of miles away who would'nt p1ss on us if we were on fire.
  15. True.

    But a small private plane that's just flown here from Israel cant take off without fuel.

    Israeli agents might be nails but gravity's a cnut.