Police fear Africans sent to UK for sacrifice

LONDON (Reuters) - Police fear African children are being trafficked to the UK to be sacrificed in witchcraft rituals, the BBC reported on Thursday, citing an unpublished Scotland Yard study.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they had conducted research with London's African and Asian communities, aimed at reducing the risk of child abuse, for a report to be published later this month.

The study follows a number of high profile cases of abuse of African children in London.

Police said they spent 10 months running workshops in east London with local Asian and African communities debating issues such as female genital mutilation, forced marriage and faith-related child abuse.

The BBC said the report's most chilling findings came from London's African community, with allegations of witchcraft rituals being practised in African churches.

"People who are desperate will seek out witchcraft experts to cast spells for them," the study said, according to the BBC.

"Members of the workshops state that for a spell to be powerful it required a sacrifice involving a male child unblemished by circumcision.

"They allege the boy children are being trafficked into the UK for this purpose," the BBC quoted the study as saying.

The BBC said the report says children could also be being brought to Britain as domestic and sex slaves.

But don't dare criticise them, or you'll be accused of inciting religious hatred :roll:
Surely its their religious right?

Dont jump down my throat, tongue firmly in cheek but I bet someones is tapping Cherie up for the defence team already.

Richard Littlejohns been calling her the wicked witch for years.......
ViroBono said:
How very multiculturally diverse!

Who needs the Olympics or the EU presidency when we have our own little centre of excellence!
Theres nothing wrong with it, it's their culture, leave it alone.

After all what right have we to criticise when we as a nation were responsible for so much suffering as an Imperial colonial power.

If they want to torture and kill innocent children, we should adapt to accomodate this in a modern British soceity.
ViroBono said:
How very multiculturally diverse!
You beat me to it! :roll:

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