Police exempt from FOIA

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Crafty buggers, police state anyone ?

    (Exemption from the freedom of information act)

    Excerpt ..............

    By taking the route that the ACPO have, putting everything behind a shield of limited companies, exempt from the Freedom of Information act and operating outside of judicial oversight, we are right to assume that the Police State are the unwritten objectives.

    Link > http://thejournal.parker-joseph.co.u...9/3859710.html

    Unless this is total bull.... of course but it looks authentic to me.
  2. Sir, I regret to inform you that your link is broken.

    All the best.
  3. The Police are not exempt. Do a FOIA check with your local force o find out whether they are :D
  4. That is frightening no longer employees, no longer accountable to the Home Secretary:

    Further, the ACPO Memorandum and Articles of Association state:

    The Statement of Purpose for the Company is:
    “The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is an independent, professionally led strategic body. In the public interest and, in equal and active partnership with Government and the Association of Police Authorities, ACPO leads and coordinates the direction and development of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In times of national need ACPO, on behalf of all chief officers, coordinates the strategic policing response.”
  5. Intercepted by the Fascist Pigs who will track you down via your ISP, man...
  6. That's a tad worrying.
  7. Cut n past my PM Bud.
  8. Cuote" By creating the ACPO with limited company status, they very cleverly exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act (2000), as out lined very clearly by this statement from the ACPO FOI manual."

    Company Name
    The Association Of Chief Police Officers Of England, Wales And Norther
    Registered Number
    Legal Form
    A Medium Unquoted Company

    Private Ltd By Guarantee Without Share Capital, Claiming Exemption From Using Ltd

    English-Welsh Co's Inc. under part 1 of the Companies Act
    Date Incorporated
    Registered Office
    1st Floor 10 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0NN
    Accounts Type
    Full Accounts
    Principal Activities:
    Independent, professionally led strategic body in the public interest and, in equal and active partn,,
    SIC Code(s) (1992)

    Accounts Ref. Date
    Date Latest Accounts

    Management Information

    Job Title
    Mr Nigel Brook
    Financial Director
    Mr Peter Davies
    Mr Thomas Flaherty
    Company Secretary
    Mr Timothy Hollis
    Mr Kenneth Jones
    Ms Jo Kaye
    Mr Adrian Lee
    Mr Hugh Orde
    Sir Paul Scott-Lee
    Mr David Whatton
    Ms Margaret Wood

    Google name and "POLICE" Results are interesting.

    Where are the jurno's when you need one :roll:
  9. I find this information more worrying than almost all other threads on this site.
  10. Warning, Warning


    He's working on the assumption that ACPO could run a bath, let alone a sinister secret organisation.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    ACPO may be as is my club HBSA if it chose to be but whats more important is why a union of senior rozzers should need to protect themselves and from whom?
    Then ask yourself why they are accepted as the key policy making body for HM constabulary (yes a limited company) and how they managed to elevate themselves into a position where they are in effect political lobbyists (perhaps this is why they want to hide (expenditure on lobbyists etc) and how they can have such an effect upon legislation when the Police is there to serve the public and uphold the law?
    As a director of a couple of Ltd Companies I'd rather not have my personal detail on Tintenet but then I dont have all of that to hide or do I?

    Perhaps I can get my local police authority to fund my limited company or explain how much and why they are paying my council tax money to an organisation like this which isnt as perceived an association of senior plod but a lobbying firm!
    FOI to sussex police authority me thinks
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Email to Sussex police authority has been sent " Could the Police authority please detail how much money has been paid by the police authority from public funds to the ACPO and under what rules?
    Watch and shoot?
    Now can any arrssers please explain how to raise an FOI and how to force the issue such as letters to the pres etc?
    Remember its your money!
  13. This is interesting..........
    ( From another sourse :wink: ) .. > " Interesting to note that their profits have increased from £19,000 to £815,000 in three years. Political repression is obviously a growth business.
    So where is that lolly comming from ? :roll:
  14. Then Dig. I have lost a lot of respect for some of our institutions ( Me a rebel? :) ) I'm pissed off with large organisations dumping on little people because they think they can with imunity, well I think some of this countries worms are turning :evil: