!! Police evacuate Birmingham centre due to threat !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Capt Cheeky, Jul 9, 2005.

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  1. Police in Birmingham in the Midlands are evacuating the city centre.

    Earlier they issued a warning they had received intelligence suggesting a threat to the area.

    "Our response needs to be proportionate in the action we're taking and in informing the public," a spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said.

    Police are now closing down the Birmingham Broad street entertainment zone and asking people to go home. A statement will be released shortly.

    More info from BBCi


    Hoaxers jumping on the bandwagon again ?
  2. This has been going on for some time today , low key police prescence at strategic locations, prescence stepped up as more people go into the City centre.

    The problem is, we have several high turnout events happening in the West Midlands this weekend, any could be a target
  3. Bloody BBC newsflash.... we'll see though!
  4. UB40 playing are they?
  5. Police have been controlling traffic outside shopping centres and New Street station since lunchtime , hardly a 'Flash'
  6. What it's been evacuated all day?

  7. Two thoughts spring to mind:

    1. I thought that there would be more attacks outside London. How better a way to spread fear that no one is safe in the UK

    2. Paranoia, once a terror attack has happened they everyone see's the bad man. Remember BAOR when the IRA were operating. Everyone saw suspicious cars, salesmen and ice-cream vans

    If we knew what they were going to do next we would be putting a cap in their heads. In the meantime lets not spread option 2!!!!
  8. No Beebs

    The West Mids Plod have been on heightened alert for some time today , evacuation tonight of Broad Street etc, is a new development.
  9. According to BBC News 24, the Police have carried out several controlled explosions in Birmingham - could somebody please explain at what point the Police became responsible for EOD jobs?

    Ghost :?
  10. sounds a tad dubious...

    was mentioned on the BBC World Service as their second story in their bulletins too!
  11. UK police forces employ civilian EOD officers, all of whom are ex-military. Dunno if WMP have them, but we do down here.

    The army almost always get called in too, obviously.

  12. Only the Met have their own EOD bods. The rest call out RLC EOD.
  13. Not quite. As Speedy says, only the Met Police have their own Explosives Officers as part of SO13. All the other police forces in the UK request EOD assitance from 11 EOD Regt RLC under MACP arrangements. ATOs (& ATs) from 11 Regt have been quite busy over the last few days blowing up mislaid packages and suitcases all over the country.

    EOD teams and C2 elements from 11 EOD Regt deployed last night to Birmingham at the request of West Midlands Police and carried out a number of controlled explosions on several items discovered after the police evacuated the town centre.
  14. 5131(BD) Sqn of the RAF are also deployed quite regularly under MACP arrangements.