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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by CivPlod, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. Hello

    one for the other serving plods out there.

    Do any your Forces run an equivalent to Fit to fight?

    Strathclyde don't and its showing(not in me, the wife lets me out at least twice a week). If yours does, can you post what it is they do and how much time you get a week for it.

    cheers easy
  2. No phys drive where I am what so ever. We've just had our BCU's gym removed as a cost cutting measure. God knows how removing the weights and machines that have already been paid for can save money.
  3. Nothing like it in my old farce. They were more interested in e-learning.

    Different out here mind.
  4. Only for Firearms and level 1 & 2 PSU for which it's now a bleep test. Very limited training time for AFOs and TAU, nothing structured. You do a bleep test for self defence but if you fail it they only record age & gender. Total waste of time.
  5. Could be an urban legend, but I seem to recall hearing that the fitness standards had been lowered to make it easier to recruit the "right kind" of people. In other words, those who would tick all the correct boxes on the Diversity Checklist.

    Like I say, no evidence to back this up, although it would'nt surprise me in the least.
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    You don't need any evidence from my farce. The recruit test has been eroded so much over the years to get "the right people" that you could walk it and pass. The joke is some of the fat useless twats still can't reach level 5.6 on a bleep. When I joined it was your best effort on the bleep, at least 25 press ups 40 sit ups, a standing jump, a reach test, a grip strength test and the real killer a body fat test ( this also weeded out the munters).
    Now it is a laughable 5.6 and a push pull test a child could do.
    Only Firearms Officers, PSU, and Dog Handlers have any regular tests once probation is over. Sport is actively discouraged in case you get injured and have to take time off. Our HQ gym has kit left over from when Moses was a proby. Pathetic.
  7. On the firearms unit we get to level 10.5 on the bleep test, with a push pull test as well but thats it!
  8. 36 stone policeman... (Good grief...) Useful maybe as a Custody Sgt if things got out of hand with a client... (Beggars belief that the force managed to find or specially tailor uniform trousers for the fat slob..)
  9. At least he would have blended in on some of the chav sink estates.

  10. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Likewise. 12345678910
  11. Out of interest, do the police have different standards for females like the army PFT?

  12. we do, for the probation anyway. It increases with age and gender.

    As CBRN, AFO and public order we also have a fitness test( well three, because apparently doing the one mile and a half cant cover all three separate specialisation mile and a halfs????? WTF)

    So basically. all our forces expect us to be "fight to fight on a Saturday night", but provide no incentive, like the forces do. Baws
  13. No. Well, a large southern force doesn't. It's 5.4 on the beep test, but this only provides a snapshot of the general capabilities of the entire organisation and can be used to target the feeblest or most embarassing anyway, same with random drug/alcohol testing. There are some very demanding all-round phys for civplod specialist roles, I had to burn daily without fail just to stay on target let alone improve, but when cross-trained by the Army for the same skills found my age and sex were factors taken into account and got a slightly easier ride, e.g. 1.5 miles out as a squad in step, best time back, "Well done MK, you are within the time limit if I make you much, much older on this dial!". With civplod, a 49-year old mother of three still has to hit 5.4 just as a 19-year old athlete does, and for some that's really got to hurt.

    Reads better if read before civplods. Looks like standards vary across the UK.