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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Not all Met police raids are a cock-up.
    The information trail from a dawn raid seem to have led to some very good results so maybe we should not all be doom and gloom about our police resources. And, am I wrong but I don't seem to remember this getting much coverage in our Brit newspapers?
    Read it here
  2. It is a tiny proportion of mistakes being made being blown out of all proportion by an unholy alliance of appeasers, and those with far more sinister motives who want to shackle the police. Not all actions in jihad have to be suicide bombs, feeding false intelligence, unfounded allegations against the police, refusing to work and claiming benefits, spurious compensation claims, manipulation of a naive and liberal media, drug dealing etc all contribute to the undermining of our society.

    The police in UK, just like the forces in Iraq are fighting a war with their hands tied behind their backs. We should support them 100% and if genuine mistakes are made, accept that sh*t happens in war and move on. We are in a battle for the survival of our way off life, we cannot allow the 5th columnists of certain communities to have their way.
  3. If we are indeed in a battle for the survival of our way of life we would do well to open our eyes and identify the REAL enemies. Our enemies are not primarily easily led religious young men that have quite understandably begun to feel that they are living in a country that doesn't actually want them here and that in their perception feels free to get into bed with the great satan to illegally invade a muslim country on dubious grounds and who kills tens of thousands of his moslem brothers and sisters.
    So who is the real enemy? Not the citizens of Iraq. We went to liberate them from their brutal dictator. We are guests in their country and their friends remember.
    Not disillusioned Moslems in this country who hate us- we illegally invaded a sovereign country and have ignited chaos bringing death and misery to thousands. We allowed them and their parents to migrate here remember.
    Not the Americans. We did have a choice over who we got into bed with. We have a special relationship remember.
    Who is the REAL enemy then? Who is it that would underfund the police services of this country to such an extent that they have become largely ineffective in our communities?
    Who would replace experienced community Policemen with unempowered cheap scruffy community wardens to visibly emphasise the decay of law and order as we knew it.
    We should indeed support our police services as they act increasingly with one hand tied behind their back and are turned from officers who each and individually enforced the law without fear or favour, and were able to use discretion regularly, into a police FORCE that increasingly neither knows, understands or spends any time within his community but just drives from job to job all shift.

    Who would create a generation of children using media and the undermining of the parent that have no repect for their elders and betters and who are educationally bankrupt.
    Out of a sample of 300 11 year olds who have just taken the National SATS tests in English, one can count on the fingers of one hand the number who got 20 out of 20 spelings correct.
    Yes that's just 5 out of 300 11 year olds who can spell 20 regular words correctly.
    The standards for these tests are being lowered every year to mask the REAL truth. Spend a day in a school and you will observe hundreds of children who have far too much personal power, who are rude and disrespectful, who largely display symptoms of mental or emotional distress and who, in a nearly a quarter of cases are identified as having some special needs.
    Yes nearly a quarter of our children have special needs. Who would create this for our children?

    We are indeed in a battle for our way of life.
    Immigrants swarming into this small country at the rate they have been have altered for ever our way of life. Halting the flow of immigration must therefore be a priority.
    Getting policeman back out onto the streets and into communities en masse where they belong- acting as a police service and not a police force must be a priority.
    Taking charge of our children and young people once again must be a priority- providing them with the real tools and standards they need to get them through life as moral, law abiding and useful members of society.

    Battling for our way of our life in this country eh?
    Just who is our REAL enemy?
  4. Warrior poet and Sliding doors two excellent posts both showing that the Military is still a reflection of a thoughtful society ( not the one we live in now days, but one we aspire to of old 50's-70's, where we still had morals and believed the future would get better) of common since and reason.
  5. Excellent! I wish I had written that, and I agree with every word. We all know who the enemy is, but sadly the northern counties still vote for them because that is what they have always done. The cloth-cap and clogs brigade really should have learned by now
  6. When I was at school I was taught that every action has an equal and opposite re-action. The time is coming. I just hope that when it does I will be young enough to man the barricades....and that does not give me long
  7. 1. Generally a good idea to check your own spelling when saying society is disintegrating because of their inability to "spel" properly. :slow:

    2. I think you mean we need a police force rather than the current police services, I hope.

  8. 1. woteva 8)
    2. You think wrong. We need our Police Service to be restored. I am wholly set against the current attempt to transform our policing body into an impersonal Police Force
    Generally a good idea to read posts carefully :D
  9. It is my belief that the police force (or whatever you wish to call it) has been politicised, something it never was in the past. The present government has desroyed the core element, the very soul of the best police force (or whatever) in the world for their own nefarious ends. They have over-promoted their puppets beyond their own level of incompetence and introduced political correctness where it cannot be allowed. In fact, political correctness itself is a destructive and negative force which overrides the historic rights of the majority in favour of the interests of the minority. This cannot be correct and must be rectified.
  10. Yes, perhaps one shouldn't stow thrones in glass houses and the Queen's Peace is better protected by a Police Force rather than a Police Service. However, it does seem that the Queen's Purse (important as it is) is much more highly regarded by H.M.G.
  11. I really wish I had been old chap! :oops: Perhaps if I had written my post after more than just one cup of caffeine I might have been. My school reports always did say "could do better" :)
  12. I is a brilligant speler but a spelchekcer wud help.
  13. Hasn't this running down of all that is decent been a major policy of Bliar & Co?
  14. Oldest trick in the book, allow a situation to develop, shout something must be done then bring in laws that criminalise legitimate political dissent, arrest anyone raising genuine concerns whilst failing to arrest terrorists and those REALLY inciting hatred in order to pander to your new demographic power base. In the meantime have an open door immigration policy, grant repeated amnesties to illegals.. Voila, gerrymandering by immigrant.

    Anyone who votes labour is like a turkey voting for XMas... or is that Winterval these days?