Police Dog training video

Its South African I believe and a couple of years old, the police were jailed for it, should have been shot for it if you ask me

'Two thought to be from brutality video brought to Pretoria (Sapa, 10/11/2000, Pretoria) - Two people who are thought to be the men attacked by police dogs in video footage shown on national television were on Friday brought to Pretoria for interviews, police said. “The investigation team has collected them at Pietersburg and they are being transported to headquarters,” national spokeswoman Director Sally de Beer said in Pretoria on Friday afternoon. She declined to reveal their names. “Arrangements are being made to place the men in a witness protection programme should they indeed turn out to be the other two victims we are looking for,” de Beer said. “It is not in our interest to reveal any details about them at this stage.” A third man, who came forward earlier, was on Thursday confirmed as being one of the victims. The video footage screened on Tuesday showed six North East Rand dog unit policemen setting their dogs on three illegal immigrants in a “training exercise” in 1998. South African media earlier on Friday identified the three men, saying they were Mozambicans. One of them was quoted as saying the dog-handlers had demanded a bribe for their freedom. The six policemen were arrested on Tuesday, and are in custody awaiting a bail hearing on November 17. One of the Mozambicans, Gilbert Ntimane, told SABC television the policemen offered them their freedom for R300 – “but we didn’t have it.” The Star newspaper said Gilbert Ntimane and his brother Alexander were tracked down in Northern Province. The third man, whose name was given as Sylvester Khosa, had contacted police in Gauteng, the newspaper reported. Gilbert told the SABC that the police picked them up in January 1998 as they were looking for work. After they were unable to pay the bribe, he said, the police loaded them into a minibus and drove them to an open field, where the dogs were set on them. Gilbert reportedly said the three men were taken to a state hospital for treatment, and jailed for a month before they were deported back to Mozambique'
I thought long and hard about removing the video because of what it shows as I didn't want the site to be associated with what those policemen did or to be seen to be condoning or laughing at it, but the more I thought about it the more I realised it should stay up if only to act as a reminder of what bigotry looks like in real life. I'm no lefty, but the thought that anyone could or would think that having a position of authority entitles them to abuse another person sickens me to the core, and I'm pleased to see the officers in question were punished for what they did. Perhaps the most fitting punishment would have been to make them endure what the people they abused endured so that they could see just how funny it really was.
Quite remarkable that these oafs got the whole thing on video, even the embarrassing bit where he swung at the last one standing and slipped over.

It shows how arrogant such bullies are. Nail 'em up, that's what I say (and quite often too).
woopert your absolutley right, they should have had the same done to them, I didnt post the link for a laugh at the 3 poor people who were attacked, its to show how badly people are still being treated around the world, could you imagine that happening here, I dont think so!
Sick sick sick.
As a police officer, this sickens me. Not just the dog attacks, but the brutal hitting of those men for no reason. Those "officers," and it hurts to say that, should be in jail, for quite a long time. Their houses, money, etc should be forfeited and given to those men.

Totally disgusting...And it casts a bad light on ALL police officers.
I saw this on TV a few weeks back and i had to turn it off as i found it too upsetting.
The TV show mentioned that they'd been jailed but i wonder if it was a couple of months in a whites only cushy jail?
bunch of fecking cowards.

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