Police condemn "Target Culture"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, May 15, 2007.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I made mention of this on the Chris Tarrent dangerous spoon incident thread.

    BBC link here

    And we wonder why Police morale is low and public support for them is on the wain? Poor sods. We should remember that it is the faceless crowd in town to blame in setting the figures and not them.

    Do we think it will get any better under the direction of the Ministry of Justice? I doubt it :evil:
  2. That's going equipped surely! More importantly, though, what was he going to throw it at, if it was a politician they should have let him crack on.

    The child should be commended for throwing, rather than eating, the cream bun and and thus contributing to the fight against childhood obesity.

    All the others, however, were asking for it :D
  3. AT LAST!

    Well done the Police Federation for acknowledging what has become so obvious, and ridiculous, to the rest of us (as debated here numerous times).

    We shall see what actually changes - but this is a very welcome step for the mob.
  4. Heard a better one.

    Copper attends the scene of a suicide. A man has hanged himself.

    On cutting down the body, a large knife is found in his pocket. Copper promptly logs a 'carrying an offensive weapon' crime report swiftly followed by 'offender apprehended', 'no further action 'cos offender is dead' and 'crime solved'.
  5. See i've been telling you all along!!!
  6. Here I thought our police were tied up with Mickey Mouse dictates...
  7. About bl00dy time the FED starting telling the public how it is.....What most people don't understand is in the present climate if a complaint is made no matter how petty if the bobby doesn't investigate it fully he/she will end up in the sh1t. Though sometimes a lack of experience/common sense is sadly missing from some young officers these days... :oops: :roll:
  8. Problem is mate i think the latest batches of new recruits (or Student officers as they're now known as) are so indoctrinated into the culture of crime everything they have no concept of common sense or discretion. :(
  9. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    The problem is running very deep right now, the Police as an organisation is in a self destructive spiral, recovery is i feel going to be very painful. The main obstacles to this recovery are the simple facts that the "student officers" are being tutored (doubt its even called that anymore perhaps they are facilitators or some sh1t now) by officers with as little as 2 1/2-3 years service who have come of age within this culture (oh for a canteen!). The tutors have done the minimum time on the streets before cruising into a cushy non confrontational berth and then pass on this lack of nous to the newbies.
    This coupled with the sheer terror that the senior "management" feel at standing out from the pack and supporting the troops is sending us down the pan very quickly indeed.
    Hence the alienation of the public and the lack of morale of the rest of us who used to be able to deal with things on a daily basis that now require the supervision of whole departments that have sprung into existence in the last few years (when i say supervision i dont mean in a leadership context i mean in an intrusive critical and obstructive way. You know who you are!). Lord knows where it will all end, it will get worse before it improves.
    On a brighter note ive invented a new collective noun for a group of CSOs im calling them a"Confusion".
  10. Are any of you surprised by ANYTHING occuring in this sad country, rendered a laughing stock by the repulsive 'chancer' Bliar and his gang of smirking, sneering spivs ?

    The aforesaid sh!t will not be missed - his annointed successor wil be AS BAD - despite the weasly words spouting these last couple of days.
  12. Interesting

    First, let me say that I agree with the tenet of the thread - that discretion should be a part of a policemans makeup.

    How do some posters here square their support of this way of thinking when they also laud what Ray Mallon developed, in effect zero tolerance policing. Zero tolerance means nicking someone for WHATEVER they have done which is against the law - cream buning busses included
  13. Cops sent to a job are firstly concerned about, not getting a complaint, then dealing with the incident.
    The government tell the cops to arrest and charge more criminals. They tell the courts, not to overcround the prison system.
    In the middle anre the CPS (Criminal Protection Service) Even if a suspect is charged with an offence, they won't run it, unless they have a 90% chance of a conviction, then the offender gets off by admitting to alesser charge, which is acepted, 'cos it keeps them from overcrouding the prisons.........
    The poor cops are trying to do there best and being let down by management, CPS, government and the general public. The cops can't do it all themselves.