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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MartinClarke, May 25, 2008.

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  1. What views do people hold on the topic? :?
  2. Policing on the cheap and less power as a traffic warden.A load of old tosh.
  3. For now I won't moan, as there is a particularly attractive female PCSO who operates in my area.
  4. Just don't expect her to help you when your in trouble (say drowning?) :roll:
  5. Yeah I guess. On a serious note I think the money spent on PCSOs should be used to hire more Police Officers who should be given decent powers to deal with the chav cunts that have infested the UK.
  6. Use the search facility. Simply type in PCSO and you can spend the rest of the year reading the innumerable threads that have appeared on ARRSE on this precise subject - and will answer your initial inquiry perfectly.

    This one is particularly interesting for a number of reasons.

  7. Ahh, this one will no doubt end up in the hole then

  8. Down here in cornwall now,we have PCSO's(in uniform,shorts,white polo shirt,with D+C Contab badges on them) doing the job of lifeguards on beaches.I think it's 2xbods at St Ives,2xbods at Perranporth and 2xbods at Newquay(WTF) But PCSO's can't save you if your drowning in a canal.
  9. I believe half of the story to the drowning was useless press not reporting the story properly, When the Community Officers arrived on scene, no one was there and there was no drowning child in view, so by that time said child would have more than likely gone anyways. Plus said canal was rather deep and said officers probably don't like getting wet past their boots. But anyways I think in that case the story we have been told and the actually story are two different things.
  10. PLEASE. Stop! This one has been done to death already.
  11. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Im firmly of the opinion that the collective noun for more than 2 CSOs should be a "Confusion". As in "the other day i saw a confusion of CSOs getting off a bus in Brum".
    I actually did and they all looked like they were sh*tting themselves. They are just another attempt by Liebour to drive a wedge between the Police and the public to serve their own ends of gaining more central control of the Plod.
    I know they mean well but they bring with them a lot of problems which would be better served by spending the money on real Police maybe in fewer numbers but real non the less.
    Sorry CSOs but there it is. If you feel aggrieved then simply ask yourself given the choice which job would you rather be doing? You of course know the honest answer.
  12. totally agree this subject has been done to death on a few forums.

    for that reason hooped