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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cutsy, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. What is the point in these bloody people?

    They swagger round town, occasionally stopping chavs on their bikes - "Can't ride down here son" routine and don't seem to be of any other use at all. Apparently they have feck all power and the said chavs just laugh at them on their way to a much prized ASBO!!

    Special Constables used to be the force whipping boys didn't they but these PCSO's appear to have taken this dubious honour? At least Specials hold the appropriate office! They are cops on the cheap, in uniform only and this shambles doesn't wash with me at all. TonyBlurr has really messed up on Law and Order and his "Tough on the causes of crime" speech all those years ago seems just a complete joke now. I'm not laughing though!!
  2. Probably just as scared as everyone else of being sued
  3. Home Office Minister Hazel Blears said (Jan 2006):

    "Community Support Officers are valuable members of the police family and provide excellent support to local communities. They have been well received by the public and been effective in tackling low-level crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour as well as helping to restore respect in local communities."

    Apparently not (on all accounts!) - still, with the amount of bo**ocks this Gov shoves out, why are we surprised that yet another "initiative" isn't working?
  4. Don't get me started. recently I caught some Chavs vandalising some property, a Copper and a CSO turned up, while the Copper processed the chavs the stupid CSO told him my name and address, the chavs heard the info and laughed that they knew where I lived! The copper only just stopped me from beating the stupid CSO's head to a pulp. The copper apologised but I'm just waiting to come home to god knows what.

    My only grace was that the copper warned them off.

    They all seem to be fat ******* aswell.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The ones in London seem to stand around on stations chatting on mobiles, whilst the world passes them by.
  6. Mongs the lot of them. Copper walts, next they'll be demanding tazers, firearms and blue flashing lights. What’s the point of having a uniformed force with no power? Apart from dog poo offences.
  7. The principle behind them is to eliviate the workload from the real coppers - allowing them more time for 'mealing' and 'hide n' seek' with motors.

    In practice, they don't do much. Although I can understand why their presence may be reassuring in some areas of the country.
  8. I'd looked at this as a gap-filler before maybe applying for the Police later. I don't think it's a walt - job really, but i think it is a better way of getting an insight into the Police and deciding if it's what you want to be. It can only increase your chances of getting in as a Police Officer IMHO.

    Heres some info I obtained (from Met.Police)

    PCSO duties

    PCSOs are not police officers and do not perform the same duties. Schedule 4 of the Police Reform Act 2002 sets out the powers available to PCSOs:

    issue fixed penalty tickets for minor anti-social behaviour
    confiscate alcohol being consumed in designated public places
    confiscate tobacco from young people
    enter and search premises to save life and limb or prevent serious damage
    seize vehicles used to cause harm to other persons
    remove abandoned vehicles
    carry out road checks in the company of a constable
    enforce cordoned areas in the event of a suspected terrorist incident
    search bags and stop and search motor vehicles with a constable under the terrorism Act 2000
    require the name and address of a person acting in an anti-social manner
    detain a person for up to 30 minutes pending the arrival of a constable
    use reasonable force to detain a person under certain circumstances

    The difference between a PCSO and a police officer

    Police Community Support Officers

    member of MPS civil staff
    limited powers
    intelligence gathering
    foot patrols
    carries protective vest
    3 weeks classroom training followed by local borough training
    provides a service to victims and witnesses but do not investigate or report crime
    directed and controlled by police officers
    supports police officers
    power of detention in certain circumstances
    power to search bags and vehicles – not the person
    no ‘duty’ to intervene – is allowed to withdraw from high-risk situations
    selected skills and training for specific roles
    12 month probationary period
    local resource

    Police Constable

    full police powers
    intelligence gathering and action taken
    full range of police duties
    power of arrest
    foot or vehicle patrols
    carries protective vest, handcuffs, baton and CS spray
    18 weeks classroom training at Hendon
    initial crime reports and crime investigation
    manage, supervise and direct PCSOs
    powers of stop and search of persons and vehicles
    has a positive ‘duty’ to act
    24-month probationary period
  9. I was recently in London and saw PCSO's riding around in a white van with blue lights. I do hope they have been to Hendon to take course's at the driving school!.

    And yes Chimera you are certainly correct, Ive seen BTP PCSO's just hanging around Victoria Station all kitted up with there cuffs etc chatting on their mobiles.
  10. They are a waste of good uniforms. I know personally of an incident in central London where an off-duty soldier reported a potentially very serious incident to a number of different PCSOs, who did absolutely NOTHING about it. Fortunately, this swiched-on bloke wouldn't take no for an answer and reported it to the proper-coppers who were extremely grateful he did.

    Worse than useless if some people feel reassured by them being there.
  11. To top it all, outside the Met area they can earn a basic of nearly £17000 p.a - not bad given that they only work between 0700 - 2200hrs - no night shifts.

    Lazy mongs or what!!
  12. It would be interesting to see how a PCSO would stand up in Crown Court giving evidence. I bet the defence QC would rip their pocket book procedures with a razor blade!!!
  13. Try £25,000 in a county just outside the Met...!
  14. It would be better to sack these people and employ only one quarter as many real policemen instaed. Even that would be F all use though. Incidents such as the refusal to chase motorbike thieves because they were not wearing helmets and thus might be injured if they crashed just make sure the real criminals have no fear while law abiding citizens get knicked for carrying a swiss army knife or telling the police their horse is gay.
  15. tw*ts, the lot of em..