Police Commisars & their expense accounts.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. It didn’t take long did it?
    I see from last week’s national news that one of our new Police Commissars (sic) is leading from the front when it comes to fitting his snout into the trough of taxpayer’s money.

    Along with dodgy expense claims we see a man prepared to see staff thrown to the boys in blue for daring to expose this shameless proclivity of the new political classes who turn our pockets out at each and every opportunity.

    Then there is the empire building as shown in the jobs columns of the local papers. Head of Commissioning blah, blah, blah, at a cool £48 thou plus a Communications officer at £30 thou. As our local commissar is already on £65 thou and his car at £23 thou, a mere snip; I presume this new gauleiter has offices and a secretary already?

    As Charlie Bronson in The Magnificent Seven said, when asked to join the Seven replied, “Yeah! I cost a lot!”

    Perhaps Richard Rhodes the Police & Crime Commisar for Cumbria Police might do the decent thing and fall on his sword.....but I doubt it.
  2. You expected anything different from a scheme designed to employ Party Apparatchiks, of all hues, that haven't found a Mayoral or MP slot yet or been lucky enough to be offered a peerage?

    Baroness Warsii would have been a shoo in for one of these roles had she not already ticked the "ethnic woman required" box for Cameron. Prescott stood because his ego would not allow him not to.

    I'm struggling to see what was wrong with the old system.
  3. Meanwhile, north of the border, where there are no Police and Crime Commissioners, the new Chief Constable of the now unified Police Service of Scotland has reduced the number of chief officers (ACC and above) from the 33 that were employed by the eight forces to 11.

    That's 11 ACPO rank officers for a force of 17000. And no political commmisars.

    In E+W, on the other hand, 170,000 officers are commanded by - 43 Chief Constables (plus AC's and Commishes in the London and Met forces) , 43 Deputy Chief Constables, about 300 Assistant Chief Constables, all 'held to account' by 43 Police and Crime Commissioners and, as above, their hangers on.
  4. I suspect the new Scottish Force will soon become a political plaything of the Chief Haggis
  5. We'll see. If it does, at least it'll be a cheap plaything, rather than the ridiculously top-heavy political playthings that the E+W forces already are.
  6. Me too, imho they've actually managed to make the system less accountable than the old Police Authority one. At least with a Police Authority there are several individuals who provide a level output, rather than one who will push a personal agenda eg. Kent 'Young Peoples' commissioner tweet fiend, one PCC looking into 'public confidence and police sirens' and various PCCs who've hired 'communications' officers and various non-jobs for their mates.
  7. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, but are you:

    - Saying that Police Commissioners shouldn't have access to or make use of public money?
    - Stating that there has been abuse of public money by Police Commissioners?
    - Having a rant because you've made an emotional connection between the word 'expenses' and a feeling of anger?

    Given that a good deal of 'news' is in fact baseless sensationalism, I find that if you launch a vague rant about things you "saw in the news", you are at best ranting about nothing and at worst ranting about the wrong thing altogether.

    If we're going to rip into something, let's at least have the facts to hand. Otherwise, your post could just as easily read "I saw in the news that squaddies are murdering scum" or "what about them ****ing muzzies nicking all the jobs init".

    In short: Link?
  8. My thoughts exactly.

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  9. Assuming this is the article we're discussing, what appears to have happened is:

    - Rhodes' office booked him a hire car to attend two official functions
    - The cost was not agreed in advance and was much higher than expected
    - He was made aware of the cost
    - He paid the money back out of his own pocket

    Other than a breach of procedure (not checking the cost beforehand) I don't see the issue.

    Though you've written that in a deliberately persuasive manner, what you're saying is that whoever leaked this story to the press was right to do so. I say you're wrong because, according to Cumbria Constabulary, the official channels through which complaints can be made were not first exhausted.

    From that, I would conclude that the 'whistleblowers' in this case were not attempting to right a wrong but to to skewer him; presumably for profit and/or a personal/political agenda.
  10. But, but... but... politics! EXPENSES! Big corporations! Payouts! expenses!
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  11. I don't think people will be happy unless he arrives in a tracksuit on a pushbike.

    The man holds public office. To arrive in any other way (ie pushbike) would be a story in itself.