Police clashes with demonstrators near Kremlin in Moscow

Police detain over 120 football fans in Moscow, St. Petersburg clashes | Russia | RIA Novosti

Police detained 65 football fans in Moscow and 60 in St. Petersburg on Saturday during protests against the death of a Moscow Spartak supporter, Yegor Sviridov.

Some 5,000 young people, mainly football fans and members of nationalist organizations, protesting the death gathered on central Moscow's Manezh Square. About 2,000 protestors gathered in St. Petersburg. They ignored police demands to disperse and clashes broke out.

Nineteen people were hospitalized with injuries after the clashes in Moscow.
19 were injuried. 125 detained.

Football fans and troops clash in Moscow - Yahoo! News

The protesters chanted nationalist slogans such as "Moscow is a Russian city" while facing troops wearing body armor and carrying batons.
By the way, is a slogan as 'London is an English city' nationalist? I doubt.
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No, it's a statement of fact. Except I suppose, if you were screaming it in the face of someone who looks a bit foreign, when it might be seen as impolite. But what sort of Englishman would want to be seen shouting anything in public anyway, we're not from the mediterranean you know.
Video. The demonstrators are beating those who look not Russian. Policemen try to defend the victims.



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'But what sort of Englishman would want to be seen shouting anything in public anyway'

Tell that to those young whippersnappers 'protesting' in London.

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