Police chief's nightshift torch

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. If he is found guilty will that invoke the Omnibus principle (once a fcuking liar always a fcuking liar) and appeals against convictions, based on his evidence, flood in ?
  2. What a thick twat. I love the fact he accessed arson crimes in his local area at work.

    Westerns gonna love this.
  3. How long before he's an ex police chief? I support the forces of law and order....but there has to be zero tolerance on crimes by coppers.

    Mind you - it was in the Daily Wail, so it may not be true at all.
  4. How the hell did he get £20,000 in insurance money for a Citreon Picasso ?
  5. Having taken a few statements for stolen/burnt out cars, then there will be the obligatory golfs clubs, top of the range stereo etc. It amazing just what fits into the boot of a car when you want to make a claim.
  6. What an incompetent twat, senior old bill can't do anything right, they are just "managers" who have passed an exam. I hope this arrogant looking prick gets a long stay and gets to suck mummy's cock at bedtime. As you can see i ******* hate senior officers most of whom took promotion because they got bullied at school and /or in the job .
  7. If found guilty he will almost certainly have to use the omnibus unless of course he can get insurance cover at a reasonable price...

    Ah there's my omnibus now, must dash...
  8. Ah, the outrage omnibus no less.
  9. Because he had his collection of Faberge eggs and a first edition Gutenberg Bible in the boot. As you do.
  10. I never leave home without at least one priceless artefact in my day-sack.
  11. Gutted no pictures of the woman he was banging. Oh, and he shouldn't have done it and he is a very naughty boy.
  12. It had a full tank?
  13. LOL, how very true.
  14. and another cock fucks up, to add credence to the fact that we are all "corrupt, useless fat growbags that do **** all".
    Suggest the HOME OFFICE employ Max Clifford or some other spin merchant to actually propagate the good work we actually do(and we actually do some!!!), as opposed to the shit.