Police chiefs £7 a pint idea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Zofo, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. Probably NOT the best idea in the world

    The cost of alcohol should be trebled to discourage binge drinking, according to a top policeman.
    North Wales Police deputy chief Clive Wolfendale said he feared the problem will worsen when longer licensing hours are brought in later this year.


    Mind you, so long as he keeps this idea in Wales, the boys in Bordy and elsewhere can stag on and let us know what it's like!
  2. what a stupid idea. . . . .Party round mine, Bring Your Own! Sainsbury's, john smiths extra smooth, £6 for 8!
  3. Well I've just picked up an 8 pack of Deutsch hooch for a little under 3 euros so I'm all right Taff!
  4. have you not bought the vodka to go with that?
  5. £7 a pint. He can fcuk right off. Stop drinking all together that will. Can he not remember his own childhood getting wreaked, or did he go to choir school and get favours from a catholic priest?
  6. Would you prefer Gorbatschow (WTF?) or Stolie? I do have the pepper and lemon flavours!
  7. Why don't these clowns stick to what we pay them for. First it's green ribbons,now it's £7 pints.
    The original idea by teh Government was sh*te, as there'll only be trouble ahead, but FFS, what is it with these senior policemen?
  8. It shows how in modern life people are happy to throw away their "disposable" income on alcohol (yet complain about not meeting the morgage).

    Look at the average cost of a social weekend, its outrageous yet people continue to pay for a social life.

    While I recommend 100% that we should strive to be happy and spend time socialising it shows how commercial aspects of licensing now take the p1ss, just look at current costs.

    Even if £7 a pint came into force it would not be long before people would make sacrifices in other areas to remain "socially" active. Taxing drink is not the answer just look at smoking, but education into as to what is and what is not socially acceptable behaviour needs to be addressed and tougher punishment for those that frequently commit crime due to alcohol.

    Exessive or "binge" drinking needs curbing, it is on a parity with the drugs culture. The image and use of alcohol has completley shifted from socialising to a method of escape from reality.
  9. Having worked in Bergen and exercised in Denmark, the cost of booze is indeed prohibitive - however, the Scandi folk I've seen either go to the pub and bring their own bottle in with them to neck in the bogs or just pay by credit card. The Finns are notorious for their antics in St. Petersburg (or they were) so it would only mean folk getting lashed elsewhere or of cours, just popping into the offy for their takeaway. In Spain they have this delightful teenage and early 20s idea of getting all their takeaways together, bringing a boom box and everyone decanting in the local carpark for a homemade rave party!
  10. zofo that helps to show how different the UK is compared to the rest of Europe, its not about getting together and getting w4nkered in the UK its about image, getting a shag, bieng the best drinker/fighter/ number of arrests, hardly somethign to be proud of. Are the only ones in the pub having a good old knees up and get together pensioners?
  11. Absolutely not disco. My local is out in the sticks. If i'm totally accurate you need GPS, Berghaus clothing and stout boots just to get to the gaff.

    Its packed every night, with all aspects of the local community and no one ever leaves sober. People go for the company, the craic and to hear live music and sink several beers whilst enjoying themselves. I've never seen any trouble and probably never will - but according to government advice everyone in there is a binge drinker, but we all manage to behave ourselves and act like adults without government interfearance. Suggesting trebbling the cost of alcohol to solve the problem will kill an industry and the hard earned social lives of millions of law abiding people. That cant be right.

  12. Boney, very true mate.

    But we are talking here of inner city/town drinking. The fun pubs and night clubs. Normal people who after £60 worth of designer beers and Red bull cocktails lose all common sense and social skills and become a burden to the emergency services and waste thousands of pounds of council budget by creating need for entire teams of cleaning agencies etc.

    Of course I am a total hypocrite becuase as a young man I too cut about the city centre sh1tfaced, kebab in one hand flicking the v`s to the rozzers with the other.

    But dont tell anyone !! :roll: Teehee!!
  13. Isn't the North Wales CC the man who hates drivers as well? I think I see a killjoy pattern emerging here...
  14. Knees up muvver bran...
  15. Novel idea.

    Why doesn't someone promote a copper to a senior position who is willing to spout his mouth of about about catching burglars and drug dealers and murderers.