Police chief calls for marshals to track down bail bandits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. A brilliant idea! Also i could think of thousands of potential employees who have recently left another government dept :wink:

  2. Excellent idea, where do I join?
  3. Yes, you don't see many of them. And this is a very sensible suggestion.

  4. Thats what made me sit up and read it...
  5. Christ a high ranking officer with common sense, amazing!! Get him signed up!!!

    Bet he could read a map too!!
  6. This is pretty high profile down here in the cider county, they've started naming and shaming bail jumpers on the front page of Bristol's biggest newspaper, with hilarious unflattering mug shots :)
  7. A great idea and i wouldn't even mind my taxes going to pay for the initial outlay to set it up.

    Can't believe there is a senior police officer with common sense, that must have taken some searching.

    I wonder if he can talk some sense into all the others??? especially the CC of North Wales.
  8. About time too!
    How did this chap get the job? I though you had to be a clueless manager with extensive experience of "diversity awareness" and no actual experience of policework to be a chief constable.
  9. Hmm.....I seem to be the only person in here with reservations......

    A friend of mine does this in Colerado - he spent a small fortune equipping himself with body armour, cuffs and suitable handguns. I wonder if bail marshalls in this country would be allowed such defensive items or if they'll be expected to rely on natural charm?
  10. ^ I think your man is a bail bondsman (Bounty Hunter), not a US Federal Marshal.

    In the US many people make bail by taking out loans with bail companies. For example, say you get arrested in possession of a half-kilo of cannabis. You can arrange a loan for your $20,000 bail to get free quick, then pay it back later.

    Now, if you default on that bail (by not appearing at court) the bail bonds company is perfectly entitled under US law to set loose any number of bounty hunters on you. The hunter gets a percentage of the bail fee in return for capturing the defaulter. Furthermore, he has powers of entry and arrest (as a private contractor) and may carry firearms and so on.

    By comparison, US Marshals are responsible for federal refugees from law, prisoner escort and criminal justice protection issues. That is to say they deal serious offenders already in the system.

    It is in this context that we should be wary of US/ UK comparisons. On a local level these guys in the UK would be very similar to private detectives/ enquiry agents serving summonses, but with beefed-up powers. Further up the food chain they would deal with protracted enquiries on fugitives and perhaps complicated criminal justice protection issues.

    As I said, a sound idea by this Chief Constable but let's not get too carried away by the Tommy Lee Jones comparisons.

  11. Me, me I want the job, do you have to bring the bail jumping b*stards in alive ?

    Do they issue you with a pick axe handle ?
  12. Bail in the US is a little different than depicted in an earlier post. A $20,000 bail would require 10% paid to the bondsman. Usually they will also require collateral. When the case has been concluded the collateral is released. The 10% is the bondsman's fee which he spilts with the surety company. If a bailee skips then the bondsman has a period of time [differs by state] to produce the skip. In this case the collateral is usually forfeited but its at the bondsman's choice. The beauty of this system is that it costs the government nothing.
  13. And creating employment opportunities for ex-soldiers to boot! I am all for it - just hope that they don't abate your Bounty Hunter Pay as they know you are getting an Army pension!
  14. I could do that of an evening on the way home, and then follow up with a pint, what a great idea!! Beats BG work