Police charged in connection with assault on soldier!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. These police should be fecking locked up. No one should have their face rubbed into the tarmac by a 20st lump and two others, punched and otherwise treated like shit when they've done no wrong, by those who are charged to uphold the law! Yes he did fight back, but who wouldn't, the lad was innocent and wasn't who they wanted. Unprovoked assault I believe they call it when Plod aren't doing it.

    Whats the point in this lad going out and fighting in the name of this country if when he gets back this happens? If I was him I'd be down the NZ or Canadian embassy looking at getting to a more decent sort of place without this and all the other shite in UK today.

    Hold them to the same standards as everyone else. And root out of the service the specials like Lightfoot and anyone else who only does it in their own time for some sort of bizarre power trip. Given this case and the G20 cases I think a few cops need to be made examples of so that justice is seen to be done by the public to restore some confidence, and so that other cops get the message.
  2. The link does not seem to work, Anyone have another link as it sounds interesting.

    Of course it could be that the police had the story deleted.

    Excuse me, I have to go put tinfoil on my hat.
  3. Special PC Lightfoot should be dropped off at the lads barracks, to the tender mercies of the PTI staff :D

    THat's before ALL three deploy to Afghan to be Police advisers to the ANP.....
  4. I remember a thread on this subject a while ago with a video from a national newspaper on it. From what I remember of the vid i'm somewhat surprised that these 3 have been charged. But then again if their statements and notes are inconsistent they've probably caught themsleves out, particularly the special by lying in court.

    If these three are convicted (and it's a big IF) they're certain to see the inside of a jail.
  5. Give us a break, the police are above the law in the UK. Specially three coppers against one. Come on, haven't you realised we live in a virtual police state?

    The Greater Manchester Police are particularly dodgy.

    BTW the very tactics employed at G20, and condoned by many with links to the police "force" here on arrse are roundly condemned by the inquiry.


    Still defending the indefensible? In 21C UK where police response to lawful protest is to be kettled........and beaten about the head.

    "An official inquiry into the way the G20 demonstrations were policed is expected to call for urgent reform today, amid concerns that police are failing in their duty to facilitate lawful protest."
  6. I can only assume plod tars everyone with the same brush regardless of the event, then they ask questions later. I know they dont have time to stop and think as events dictate however, as we now live in a CCTV culture, if you feel like you need to chat (without coffee and biscuits) make sure its "praise in public" dress down in private"
  7. Most coppers think that anyone who isnt a copper is scum - my ex was copper (sl*g) and she definitely looked down on everyone who wasnt a copper as did ALL of her police friends who we used to mix with.
  8. The thing that gets me is that it took an appeal court to see the truth of the video! How did the other court find the lad guilty??
  9. Because coppers are always believed unless there's solid proof to refute their claims.
  10. A couple of the police forums I visit were all sticking up for the 3 officers, let's see if they're as quick to condemn their own now the truth is out. ;)
  11. Do you have a link?
  12. The depressing thing is the number of ex-cops I know whose major reason for leaving was that they couldn't be arsed with the people they were expected to work with. I think the big problem is that doubtless lots of people who thought they had something to prove were always attracted to the cops, but before decent personal radios, CCTV, CS, steel batons, rigid handcuffs... it was just too difficult and dangerous to try it. Before you could be skillfully manipulative or genuinely hard. Now the technology is there to just be a bully.

  13. Sadly, in addition to the highly ambitious graduate type police constable (I never use the word officer as this implies a certain degree of ability) the forces within the UK seem to attract the shallow end of the gene pool when it comes to recruits.

    Ding ding, on the bus and leaving!! :D
  14. B*stards... Imagine if soldiers went around with an attitude like that! :D

    I'm not defending the coppers at all as the appeal was upheld so there was obviously evidence that they were over the top BUT all this guff about "bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan" does not preclude the guy from being a complete and utter throbber when he's pissed up in the middle of wigan!
    I love the hypocrisy that is bounded around this place.

    Maybe I've got it wrong but I just do what the police tell me to...