Police Chairman In Child Abuse Arrest

Police Chairman In Child Abuse Arrest
The chairman of a police authority has been arrested in connection with child abuse allegations.Former social worker and council leader Colin Inglis has been released on bail and has denied the allegations.Mr Inglis, chairman of Humberside Police Authority former head of Hull City Council, was arrested on allegations of historical child abuse.

An investigation was set up after a man went to police with allegations about Mr Inglis, 48, relating to when he was a social worker at a Hull children's home in the 1980s.

The investigation is being handled by North Yorkshire Police, which confirmed the arrest of a 48-year-old man.

Humberside Police investigated similar allegations against Mr Inglis in 1997 but prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to take the case further.

In January this year, the Independent Police Complaints Commission intervened and asked for the current investigation to be broadened to include the older allegations.

Last year, Mr Inglis hit the headlines after he publicly defended Humberside's chief constable over his force's handling of sex allegations against Ian Huntley.

His authority refused to comply with an order from ex-home secretary David Blunkett to suspend David Westwood following the publication of the Bichard Report into the Soham murders.
I have no idea if this guy is guilty or not, one of the things that bothers me about this is:

This is a man, a Police Chairman, being arrested for child abuse, this is a man who defended the sh*te handling by the police of sex allegations involving children and one of the policemen involved was also arrested for kiddy porn.

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