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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pipsqueek, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. What happens if you recieve a police caution? Nothing bad, just been drunk outside. I wasnt fighting or anything. And I havent been charged by the civvy cops.

    Do you need to declare it to my the army? I dont want to keep quiet about it and then get in the sh*t for not telling if I have to. And will the army try to charge me for it? I dont want to be screwed by the army as well. I know the army try to screw people for bringing them into disrepute.

    However, I dont think Ive done anything wrong.

    The police said they phoned the guardroom to let them know I was in the police station.

  2. If you've accepted a caution then you've legally accepted you've done something wrong, it is not just a telling off. It stays on your record, so yes I think your boss will want to know
  3. Wait, have i just been wah'd
  4. Let your boss know and tell him you'll either stay out of trouble or run away faster next time.
  5. What is my boss likely to do? Can I get charged for getting a civvy caution or will boss just say dont do it again.
  6. If the police have phoned the guardroom there's a chance the lad who took the call might cover for you. Don't rely on this though, there's also a chance he's already told someone else. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to keep this quiet - go and ask your boss if you can have a quick word, and tell him what's happened. He'll respect you more for it than if he finds out from other sources. I'm not saying he won't punish you, just that the consequences will be far greater if you keep this under your hat and get caught.
  7. Its annoying because ive been told by my boss in the past to clean up my act and stop getting in trouble or else.

    I've been spot on for months and now this!!! The most annoying thing is its so petty, just a caution for been drunk and not an assault charge or anything.
  8. This is a blatant Wah, probably by someone who isnt even serving / has served. Any decent Wah-er would augment their argument by using plausable chat. Read it back to yourself, does this sound more like a serving soldier who's been in the shit, or a frustrated cadet? I might be wrong of course, but I doubt I am.
  9. I'm with you on this.

    It's not me, even though the name of the OP gives a little bit of a connection to me.

    Read Part One Orders. You have to tell your boss. I personally couldn't give a flying fuck if you live or die, you are a wind up merchant and can kiss my arrse.

    The End.

    By Dale aged 12 and a bit xxx
  10. I was told I was going to be "officially cautioned" but when I've had to do "Enhanced Disclosure" it's never turned up on any of it in previous convictions. I sometimes wonder if they just wanted to scare me, and couldn't be arsed with the paper work.
  11. Don't feed it.

    What part of "The End" didn't you understand?

    You perp.
  12. why would i make this up?

    All im after is a bit of advice because i dont want to be in the sh*t
  13. I would flee to Spain where there is no extradition treaty. You can work in the bars there and be safe from the worry of the army
  14. snail, genuine people come on here for advice and you then act like a d*ck.

    Why would anyone make this up?

    Cheers to those who gave help.
  15. That's me that is :)