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Police cartoon indicative of flawed approach?

BBC Article

The article talks about a police cartoon from some in-house publication which has caused a bit of a stir.
It shows police officer removing their shoes before entering a mosque, whilst a gentleman in arab dress escapes out of the window with a bag labelled explosives. The caption is "Sensitive Policing".

My question is this; disregarding the obvious harm done by the cartoon, what is the value of "sensitive" policing in this manner? Does treating those of different ethnicities/religions differently actually undermine efforts to include them in wider society?

Yes, removing your shoes before entering a mosque shows cultural sensitivity, but it it also reinforces the idea that muslims are different, and get different treatment from law enforcement. I'm sure hard liners might rage at wearing shoes in the house of Allah, but surely moderate muslims would welcome the fact that they are actually being policed in an inclusive way - that they are treated as ordinary citizens.

Nobody likes it when the police raid a religious establishment, but again, moderate muslims should regard this as a necessary part of their inclusion - if no one blows things up shouting "Allah hu akhbar", then no-one will be particularly prejudiced towards Islam. Police operations designed to target terrorists are part of this normalisation process.

We take it as an article of faith that the police act on reasonable suspicions and good detective work - thats why we as a society accept their role, otherwise they are just people with an odd dress sense. For example, no-one complains when the house raided by police happens to be owned by, for example italians, if the police are investigating organised crime in the italian community. Muslims should be no different, they should accept the particular threat posed by the tiny minority of their so called co-religionists, and realise that police work is an integral part of reducing that threat. Surely a few televised raids are a small price to pay for the stopping of outrages like 7/7.

In short, I think there is nothing more racist than "sensitive policing".

I think the powers that be are upset that the cartoon is actually a correct depiction of their policies.
Aaahhh, political correctness once more posioning the world with its warped views :evil:

This left wing stupidity is ruining the world and alienating the people its trying to protect, its a social experiment that is biting us on the arrse

Shame the powers that govern us lowly electorate can't see this.......when they do it will be too late :evil:
Interesting that the 'terrorist' is shod. Actually, perhaps the most informing part of the whole image is that those who are radicalised sufficiently to become actively militant are showing less respect for the truthes at the core of Islam than the powers of the British establishment.

I see in this image, despite what the artist was trying to convey, that we are bound to win 'the war'. All issues of multi-culturalism aside - and I do have profound concerns about the impact of MC policies in terms of the disjuncture between sectors of British society (or societies) - even in attempting to denigrate the different treatment of the Muslim community, the cartoon is underlining the very things which makes us the moral victors; and in this type of assymetric campaign the moral victory can be the only sure one.

You might get away, it is saying, but it is only because you are disrespecting the very principles for which you claim to be fighting; peace, inclusivity (particularly for the Dhimmi), mercy: we are winning, even if you get away, because the only way that we can lose is by sinking to your level. Look at the Madrid bombers, however one looks at their purported reasons, it is clear that at the core of their character was not submission to the will of God but rather something more closely related to the Russian nihilism of the early Twentieth Century. These were radicalised individuals, from an Islamic or post-Islamic background, but their own Islam was a patina thinly covering their radicalisation, not at the centre of it. Whoring, drinking and drug taking, however one extends the Shi'i doctrine of Taqiyya (religious dissimulation to avoid repression), are unacceptable in the eyes of Islam. At a basic level, Taqiyya itself is repugnant in the eyes of the mainstream Sunni community, anyway, and that reflects its use within Islam let alone in imitating the dissolution of the post-Judeo-Christian West.

Many a true word painted in jest, I say.
The problem is that a marginalised community who rightly feel pressurised, may not be able to view the cartoon with the same dispassionate level of art appreciation that ARRSE members have so far. The same, I fear to say, probably holds true for most of UK Civpop.

What the muslim community sees is a stereotype of islamic culture, depicting terrorist hiding in mosques countrywide.

What the non-muslim community sees is a reinfocement of their unfounded belief that mosques harbour terrorists, whilst the police treat the muslim community in a softly-softly fashion, compromising their work.

Thats whats wrong with the cartoon, but what is more serious is what it represents in terms of entirely the wrong approach to policing the muslim community.
So just like those of us on ops in Iraq, our police should carry around carrier bags ? Just so we didn't upset the Muslims by desecrating their mosques?
Like I said , damned if you do, Damned if you don't.

No thats not being simplistic,
There's no way to be right on this, just let them put it down to experience and move on, not let it get out of all proportion.
I'm sure we've all seen far worse in Sixth Sense, The Scum etc.
Hang10 said:
Thats whats wrong with the cartoon, but what is more serious is what it represents in terms of entirely the wrong approach to policing the muslim community.
It could equally be said that some muslims have entirely the wrong approach to the police. Muslims should be treated in exactly the way as everyone else, with no special treatment or allowances.
Just a thought
This cartoon came from an 'in -house ' Publication.
So how come it's on the BBC, not like anyone is trying to make political capital is it?
ViroBono said:
It could equally be said that some muslims have entirely the wrong approach to the police. Muslims should be treated in exactly the way as everyone else, with no special treatment or allowances.
That's pretty much exactly what I said in my opening post. "sensitive" policing at any level reinforces the idea to non muslims and muslims alike that they are going to be treated differently, which is what encourages a fractured society.
An inclusive society means inclusive, not sensitive policing.
Darthspud said:
Just a thought
This cartoon came from an 'in -house ' Publication.
So how come it's on the BBC, not like anyone is trying to make political capital is it?
The cartoon is from the police federation magazine. Bedfordshire constabulary, who had issued advice to officers regarding "sensitive" policing, felt it was mocking their policy. Hence their Chief Constable wrote to complain.
Dissent in the police force, especially over a contentious issue sucj as this = newsworthy story.
Given, the current legislation that governs our country, this is very true.

Along the same lines as the banning of Christmas lights, because it offends the muslims.

Lets not get onto the Parachute Regiment trial, that went to court even though there was no body, no death certificate!!!! And it later emerged that a large part of the witnesses only attended the court to get the $100, daily payout, no doubt paid for by the British tax payer. I wonder who paid the bill to fly them all over the this country to give evidence, in the first place!!!!!!

Right thats me off my soap box, I`m off back to number 10.
I have decided in view of the reports about being considerate to Muslims, that we should all be treated with equality that the PC brigade would likes so much, I require that Suffolk Police (the county where I reside) should do the following.

1) Knock politely and wait allowing for any women in my family to cover up (my wife sleeps in the nud).

2) Allow me to finish praying (I am a christian that does go to church) before entering my property.

3) Take off their shoes/boots as they enter the house.

4) Do not bring Police dogs into the house.

This will give me EQUALITY with the Muslim community in this country (befordshire at least), A country in which I was born, fought for and was war pensioned for. I do not blow things up because they disagree with my thoughts or ideals, principles or verses in the bible or teachings from the bible.

The Muslim/Sikh/Hindu/afro carribean/african community should be treated exactly the same as a white anglo saxon would, a nasty knock on the door followed by a loud crash and the two guys trying to live up to the sweeney characters of the seventies dropping in on you and shouting in a London accent your nicked son :)

I was amazed at the number of Muslim community members that said they would not inform the police if they new that members of 'their' community were planning any kind of action or crime against the british people, go soft on these people .... give me a break ... show them that there are responsiblilties that go with being a UK citizen or living in the UK.

If they wish to live in a totally Islamic way then they should emigrate to Saudi where their ideals will be enforced by the religious police.

If you wish to carry out voodoo ceromanies involving sacrifcing a innocent child. Go back to Africa or Haiti.

Arranging marriages against your childrens will, these children have been brought up here, they are British WE DO NOT ARRANGE MARRIAGES and call it custom or our way/respect for our heritage.

Honour killings are not Honour killings, IT IS MURDER, anybody over 16 here has the right to pick a partner and sleep with them, at 18 marry them, just because YOU think it brings shame on your family does not give you the right to maim them/kill them or their boyfriends/girlfriends.

Lets be British, fly the flag (including the English flag of St George), not worry about being to PC... oh and get these 'immigrants' (as described in the Daily Mail and the Torygraph) to wear a poppy and thank the lads and lasses that have died in conflicts past so they have a nice prosperous country to come to and start a new life.

Will poppies offend the ethnic communities next year or the year after, so that they will be quietly banned from goverment buildings and offices?

Rant over



ViroBono said:
Hang10 said:
Thats whats wrong with the cartoon, but what is more serious is what it represents in terms of entirely the wrong approach to policing the muslim community.
It could equally be said that some muslims have entirely the wrong approach to the police. Muslims should be treated in exactly the way as everyone else, with no special treatment or allowances.
There's a thought eh?

They can keep this sh*t up for as long as they want though. All they are doing is alienating themselves further from society. I for one have lost all feeling of symathy for them. It grips my sh&t when I hear of this sort of thing being used by a public servant as a vehicle to show that she is more 'sensitive' than others. It's the likes of this lady Chief Constable who are fueling this crap with their 'holier than thou' outlook and thier over the top political correctness.

I actually wonder if your everyday muslim gives a sh*t or whether it's individuals like the lady Chief Constable who keep this sh&te going in order to publicise themselves? I don't think that the cartoonist intended to offend muslims (or those god fearing female christian folks who bear the world on their overpaid under performing shoulders), I think he was highlighting the absurdity of what todays police officer has to deal with. Having read Police Review and their Federation rag, they're nothing more than the coppers 'Soldier' magazine. It appears to air the feelings of those who do the job of policing this country, so why should the lady Chief Constable be offended. It's merely letting her and other high ranking police officers know that thoe on the coal face are finding that the whole 'sensitivity' issue, has taken on a new level to the point where it offends every other bugger in society.

It should be borne in mind that the management of the Police Force are not exactly keen on the Police Federation......after all, it's the soap box from which the rank and file police officer throws sh*t at them!
It's very simply an issue of moral cowardice, on behalf of the people who objected in the first instance and by the individuals who represent the official reaction, which should have been, as someone above said, that everyone in the United Kingdom is equal under the Law. Should anyone object to that view, they can take it, at their own expense, to the civil courts for judgement.

...and the fact that this was not represented to all parties concerned reinforces the 'moral cowardice' charge, onto the Home Office, both officials and Ministers.
The Police force again has shown itself very adapt at turning in and savaging itself in the name of some 'ism' and usually by some self righteous left-wing loony who has one eye on what gets them noticed and the other on furthering their career.Seems to becoming a force trait.


If plod are just knocking to introduce PC Truncheon as new Community Bobby of course they should show respect, (I would expect WPC's to wear skirts and keep their heads covered in my church for e.g.)

However in hot pursuit - through the windows in full black walty SWAT gear no probs.

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