Police carrying out stop and search just for statistics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. At first I thought this was just another moan from those who like to go on about such things. But no.

    More real life nonsense and waste of time created by those who feel the need to play numbers games, this time baseless stops to show "racial balance" in S44 stop statistics.

    "I have evidence of cases where the person stopped is so obviously far from any known terrorism profile that, realistically, there is not the slightest possibility of him/her being a terrorist, and no other feature to justify the stop.

    "In one situation the basis of the stops was numerical only, which is almost certainly unlawful and in no way an intelligent use of the procedure.

    "I believe it is totally wrong for any person to be stopped in order to produce a racial balance in the Section 44 statistics. There is ample anecdotal evidence this is happening.

    "I can well understand the concerns of the police that they should be free from allegations of prejudice, but it is not a good use of precious resources if they waste them on self-evidently unmerited searches.

    "It is also an invasion of the civil liberties of the person who has been stopped, simply to 'balance' the statistics.

    "The criteria for section 44 stops should be objectively based, irrespective of racial considerations: if an objective basis happens to produce an ethnic imbalance, that may have to be regarded as a proportional consequence of operational policing."

    Lord Carlise

  2. sorry but the whole point of S44 is that there is no need for any grounds to exist.... its designed to disrupt terrorist activity by making it difficult to operate in sensitive areas.... so searching by numbers to randomise who is stopped appears to be a fair way of doing this.

  3. All we need now is Pass Laws and all will be perfect in the Metropolitan Police State.
  4. I think the HO all ready heard you..... but IMHO ID cards are worse than useless

  5. True, but you have missed the point. The S44 stops complained of have absolutely no function other than to "normalise" the overall statistics in a pointless attempt to show that there has been no ethnic bias.

    They therefore represent an absolute waste of time and resources.
  6. Does that mean I can claim "You're only picking on me 'cos I is white and middle class"?

    Now, what is my lawyer's number? :wink:
  7. If your only stopping one group its likely to make them highly resentful.... as was recognised in some of our colonial wars where white settlers used to get stopped as well as "natives" and anyway, what does a terrorist look like? There are white muslims (and I also read once of a black IRA man) so working on "profiles" would seem to be complacent to me....

  8. I despise racism because it creates 'counter-racism' which leads to 'positive discrimination' and balls like this. If the vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by 18-30 year old asian men, 18-30 year old asian men should be the ones getting stopped and searched! The same would go for any other set of physical characteristics.
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Surely picking on someone to stop and search without due cause is the criminal offence of harrassment?
  10. Where as stopping people for no other reason than appeasing the race relations industry makes everyone resentful.

    Another step in the march towards ZaNuLabour's police state. How long before plod start demanding to see the ZaNuLabour id card just because they can and it helps their statistics.

    And plod wonder why they have lost the support of the people they pretend to serve
  11. Pah. You'll be saying that tracking and recording the everyday movements, conversations and actions of innocent people - or locking them up for 90 days without charge - is harrassment next.
  12. when AQ use a white female to do hostile recce, but we missed it because we were "harrassing"Asian men, I am sure you will all be the first people to scream about police racisim leading to complacency.

  13. What planet are you on?

    We have limited resources and it's much more likely to be the other way around. Whilst AQ were doing hostile recce (whatever the f*ck that is) we were busy 'harassing' white people to be equal and fair and diverse.
  14. I wondered where Yvonne Ridley had gone to ... :twisted:
  15. Stop digging mate, you are beginning to sound like a Health and Safety Manager. :)