Police cannot object to planned gipsy camp

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Why: because it is "Racist".

    Thus a letter from Bedfordshire Police to Bedford Borough Council planing commmittee was "returned" the council saying they could not take into account that over a two-year period officers visited three existing sites a total of 210 times, one being visited 109 times to deal with fights, arson, assaults, stolen vehicles, violent disorder, anti-social behaviour, theft, child abduction and use of weapons.

    "The numbers, and nature, of incidents are not atypical for traveller sites. The likelihood of such sites causing problems for those living in close proximity is highly probable."

    So, Bedford Borough Council refused to take the letter into consideration when deciding whether to approve the site claimed that including it in would leave the authority open to a prosecution for racial discrimination.


    I hate thus fcuking government
  2. Come one, Pikies need a safe place to live, just like everyone else.

    In fact, I propose we on ARRSE collect money for a brand new Traveller's Site...

    ...I hear Gaza is lovely this time of year! :twisted:
  4. Cant complain even when there is proof, yeah sounds about right for some of the stupid people in councils these days. The other day i heard a cracker about the last lot who ran my council. The person in charge of the roads constantly refused advice offered by the roads dept and "forced" them into doing uncecessary work and ignoring problem areas. All because he felt he knew more about roads than the engineers by being a taxi driver 8O
  5. The site is for Gipsies and Irish Travellers. Ask the average Mick what he thinks of Tinkers and stand back and wait for the explosion. Of course the Irish are so happy that us thick Brits accept all their dross (Irish Tinkers) over here. Funny that the Irish are bound by the same European Convention on Human Rights but THEIR gipsies prefer it over here where they don't pay tax, and add to our crime figures.
  7. Funny how the cretins that make these decisions and overrule common sense and sensible advice are the same ones that live miles away from the thieving pikey untermensch that blight the landscape and fcuk people's lives up.

    If there's one (of many) subject/s that would drive me to genocide, it's Irish 'travellers'. How the fcuk they can have ethnic status is beyond this c/s. I'm of Irish stock and I don't have such a fcuking ace up my sleeve, otherwise I'd be playing the cnut like a banjo every five minutes - and probably be Ruralshire CC's Head of Diversity Dept. on £68,000 pa. Tw@ts!

    Angry of Miffins Bridge.
  8. The cretin that started all this "travellers camps nonsense" was none other than the king of blubber, the pie noshing pratt from Hull John Prescott MP.
  9. t

    Come the Revolution, brothers, that fat cnut is going to need a mass grave just for himself! :twisted:
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm frankly surprised the plod objected to this at all, for one putting all the bad eggs in one basket and watching them plan and the so politically correct Inspector and above ranks who seem to think that thieving pikey scum actually have rights whereas taxpayers dont!
  11. I don't think Traveler camps are nonsense. When I become leader I plan on creating loads of them. All with the simple legend "Tarmacking means freedom" over the gate.
  12. White Phos and caravans...hmmmm.
  13. Cockney slang; Pikey Ikey = do as you Likey.
  14. White Phos? Purely to make smoke to obscur the offensive eyesore of their caravans of course. Any other will be a bonusFavourite scene in snatch............mmmmm toasty caravan
  15. Come on be serious, are you seriously expecting Pikies to travel in excess of 1000 miles? What's wrong with directing them all to France?

    France has a history of welcoming foreigners of all nationalities with open (or more precisely raised) arms, I'm sure they'll be made welcome...! :twisted: