Police cannot be trusted with fines, magistrates warn

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Answer is as simple as

    " I will go to Court"
  2. What a load of tosh! Everyone has the right to have the matter heard by a court from the lowly £30 parking fine to a Penalty Notice for Disorder. What these do is allow those that know they are clearly guilty to get the matter over with , without the hassle of going to court.

    We all know that Magistrates have a 'Hang 'em High' attitude ........NOT

    Magistrates dish out puny sentences, conditional discharges and pultry fines, the only people they hammer are the Middle Class drivers who have a job and can be fined hard.

    If the courts were a real deterrent then perhaps there would not be so many offenders, that alternative means of disposal are necessary.

    Build more prisons, make the prisoners do the labouring in bright orange or pink boiler suits, chained together. 20 man cells, no TV, Classic FM piped through the cells and visitors once a quarter.

    Oh, and bring back hanging!

  3. The Pope is a Roman Catholic.
  4. Plod can't be trusted with anything.
  5. Exactly - More to the point this is backwards anyway because more and more bobbies deal with offences by way of warning or arrest as the fixed penalty system has far more hoops than an arrest file (Which you can get assistance with in some forces/roles).

    I find it strange that magistrates have said this and wonder what their motivation is.
  6. Is it because they have lost their bottle and need replacing immediately?


    Jog on War Hero!
  7. plod get a poor deal and if you want to blame anyone blame the CPS!

    unless you are a jumped up plod that everyone hates!! take a chill pill 3369 i was only doing 73 mph ffs!
  8. I think that the Mags are beginning to feel the pinch of their empty courts.

    With the introduction of the Shadow/Statutory Charging scheme whereby the CPS decide on charging in all but the most minor cases the courts aren't as busy as the CPS (with their targets to reach in terms of conviction rates) are loath to touch anything that isn't as watertight as a mermaids brassier.

    It's not all the CPS's fault as perhaps the quality of evidence presented could do with improving but I can't help but think that some of the "weaker" cases that used to get charged by the OB, which the CPS would not now touch, would go to court and be found guilty or cough it on the day.

    The OB and the CPS are now a court in all but name. The police with their ability to hand out on the spot punishment (of the fiscal sort) and the CPS deciding on what gets tested in court.

    Though on the subject of Fixed Penalties, one doesn't have to accept it and can instead choose to argue the case in court which is their right.
  9. Some people need to read the broadsheets. It's more about the Police being put in an improper position in law than a matter of trust. This particular offence is a matter of a Police Officer's opinion which is normally tested in court.
  10. Nothing like a well researched, evidenced, balanced and objective view to add to the debate!! :?
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  12. Only 73, but in a 30 zone though... :wink: :p :p :p :p
  13. Good Point - Well made!

    I must admit I often say "I'm not judge, jury and executioner" to people so it would be a shame to have to get a new one liner!
  14. I'd rather be Judge Judy and Executioner. :D