police camera action

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by private---pile, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. sorry but this made my blood boil.

    last night on"police....camera....action" with that smug looking fella

    well basically there was a 14 year old c nut who stole a car with a baby in it, skidded out of control and could potentially killed himself and the baby.

    but dont worry because he was given 8 months in young offenders and a "hefty fine".

    this is what is wrong with society today, kids think commiting crime is ok because they just get a slap on the wrist.

    i personally think we should put the bastards into a mass grave

    rant over
  2. I suggested to our lass that a chain should have been put round his neck, then attached to the back of a car with a loud exhaust, loud music and a front spoiler ( cos that's what they do to their cars ).

    Then the car should be slowly driven forward, allowing the chav car thief to walk behind. Then at a given point, he should be asked by the driver '' Shall I drive around at the speed that you drive?''

    Unfortunately the driver wouldn't be able to hear the response due to the loud pipe and music.

    Whoops, headless body in the gutter a few hundred yards up the road......... one down...
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Watched a similar thing on another channel. A car thief was pursued, drove over playing fields and narrowly missed children.

    Was given 'a hefty fine'.

    We had a Crown Court judge in our city, whose car was stolen twice, and had to be recovered at his own expense. Once from the Isle of Wight. Next offender who went up in front of him for car theft was put down for seven years! Sent a strong message out.

    Should happen every time.
  4. Police, camera, action - make sure you've got batteries in the remote or you'll have to listen to that dick saying "...tonight, on Police! Camera! Action!". FFS. And the way the camera moves in.....

    Notice how absolutely none of these police documentaries ever shows anyone getting any significant sentence?

    And when did it become accepted practice that you could lie your f*****g head off at the side of the road, give a load of bullshit details, wasted police time, and get nothing extra for it? Where are all the cops? A third in the station, a third waiting to give evidence, and a third standing at the side of the road listening to some tw*t lying, and lying, and lying.

    You give a false name you should go to jail.
  5. well said
  6. yep I saw it, found it hard to believe too. Also saw CCTV cities Sun night. Some loony wielding two knives about and tried to slash ppl Police pull up and he throws knives under car. 80 hours community service - what a deterrent that is :(
  7. Problem is with this MP's are saying too many people are been sent to Jail, well bugger me with a fish fork, too many people seem to be offending.. But these will be overturned or let out because they need more room inprisons for the ones who dont pay council tax, car tax or tv tax etc
  8. Annoys me when dicks who are banned from driving, steal a car, drive it round with no license or insurance and when they are caught get "banned from driving for a further year".

    They were already banned and it didn't stop them then, why will it stop them now? Pointless.
  9. 1. Start hanging murderers again (prevents recidivism)
    2. Throw all the payphones, TVs and other luxuries out of prisons.
    3. Reintroduce being locked in the cell for 23 hours with 1 hour exercise.
    4. Scrap this 'half prison, half licence' crap.
    5. Build more prisons, rent more prison ships.
    6. Explore contracting out detention services to the likes of Nigeria, Somalia.
    7. Burrn the offices of Liberty to the ground.
    8. Create and put to tender a 'bounty hunter' service to collect those due in court who can't be bothered going.
    9. GobbyIdiot for PM
  10. I have something useful to add....

    .... and when they are full, sink them, it could always be an accident :D
  11. What gets up my nose is when these tossers are given a sentence, of twelve month and a twelve ban from driving, but the two run concurrently, the ban should start after they are released.

    If these deadheads recieve more than one ban they should be banned from driving for life.
  12. Don't forget to tow them outside the 12 NAUTICAL mile limit before sinking them / target practice for the navy :twisted:
  13. Still21inmymind wrote "8. Create and put to tender a 'bounty hunter' service to collect those due in court who can't be bothered going"

    Lethal force Authorised I hope................Familys of the guilty to pay for the ammo.
  14. yea i like what it says on sky news "mps say too many people are sent to jail"

    maybe they should sort that out instead of finding new ways to get their hands on every last penny from law abiding people like us.

    well some of us anyway....
  15. I see a job for the Non deployed TA here :twisted: