Police, camera, action, or, Jacqui Smith strikes again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExplodingTrousers, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Have you been drubbed in the latest local elections?

    Are you in need of a desperately populist measure?

    How about... this?

    It's fairly obvious, even to the likes of myself, that these four-day bursts of activity are likely to be difficult to sustain, so this must be a poorly thought out exercise in spin at best. Why do they even bother? :evil:
  2. A lovely idea...which will last until some worthless little sh1tbag claims his "human rights" are being violated. At which point the Gub'mint will panic like an Austrian girl watching her father dig a new cellar.

    Sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  3. Agreed - I couldn't help wondering whether, had Boris Johnson suggested this approach during the election campaign, Ms Smith would've been on every BBC news programme denouncing his cavalier disregard for the human rights of youths with the Grauniad producing a trenchant leader article suggesting that Boris wasn't fit to be mayor of London because of his reactionary attitudes to the young....

    Or perhaps I'm getting cynical in my old age.
  4. Correctamundo.
  5. I used this tactic widely ias a PBO n 2002 and it worked, problem was the complaints from parents and managers who felt that as no targets were being met it was not "real" police work.

  6. I'm not entirely sure that Mr Johnson didn't suggest something of this kind, lets face it Liarbore are not averse to nicking other peoples ideas if they think they can get a few votes out of it. I would be suprised if Ms Smith has had an original policy idea during the whole of her political career.
  7. I realise how overstreched the Police are so I am volunteering my services.

    Me and my friend....

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  8. ' Frame and shame' should read, 'frame and jail.'
  9. I think the police have enough to do with out Jacqui Smith coming out with the frame and shame project .
    You will have the kids next suing the police under the Human Rights Act for being Abused by the police .
  10. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    IMHO the police should not harrass anyone.., they should be arresting them if they have appeared to have committed a crime.

    I have noticed in my local area that the issuance of ASBOs has been decreasing.. replaced by "Behavior contracts" or such like.. which have no penalty if the scrote concerned breaches them.. so if the scrotes dont abide by ASBOs which have some kind of penalty the why on earth can we expect the little darlings to abide by something to which there is no consequence?

    ASBOs have become a substitution for criminal proceedings and the behaviour contracts are a substituition for ASBOs... Oh unless you drop an apple core
  11. It's very demoralising when I frequently hear that Govt. is trying to 'win back' voters with strategy. It gives me the impression that unless their backs are against the wall they are willing to do the minimal to get by. Don't we deserve their best efforts full term?
  12. Spot on mate, big words from kebab woman but I can't see her backing us up if we did this. I saw the reporting on it when Essex did this job and it, in all fairness, had good results.

    But like most police operations it can't be sustained for long, it requires officers trained in the use of camera and video equipment and also the tactic of following them. Both of which area a finite resource.

    Personally my idea for harassment would be good. We'd hang around their estates masked up (instead of hoodies) sit on their walls drinking quadruple shot Starbucks, drive police cars at high speed doing handbrake turns outside their house (instead of blasting music play classical music through the PA), spray crime prevention advice on their walls, and if one of them comes out to complain baton them to death. But the killer blow would be, we'd do it from 0600hrs and all the way through the day, they'd be too tired to cause any hassle as they normally only get up for Jeremy Kyle before going back to bed for the rest of the day :twisted:

  13. As well as trophies amongst (too) many people today. Many kids don't feel part of a 'gang' until they have at least one ASBO to their name.

    How has it been allowed for kids and adults alike to think of a criminal record as carrying status and being socially beneficial to have?