Police Budget Cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. So they should as the current level of waste in The Public sector is getting out of hand. However stand by for this to be handled poorly and cash cut from where its needed most. Frontline Policing.

    A really good idea which is long over due however the air support idea means that when your car gets nicked and seen by a patrol car the nearest helicopter (The only vehicle that wont be cancelled from pursuing) could be making from a stand still in a neighbouring county (Thats if its not on fire).

    Single patrolling in order to create the illusion there is more of us. Unlike the days of Dixon your local offenders drive around in cars 5up and are more likely to fight with a bobby than ever before. So stand by for them not to get stopped. Standby to wait longer for a Police response as more and more bobbies who experience getting a shoeing say "I'm not going to that on my own."

    Single crewing used to work when there was more bobbies actually out on the streets to support you and members of the public felt confident enough to assist. Both criminals and bobbies knew this.

    They are getting this idea from The USofA of all places. A place where all cops are armed and have the backing of the Government and public to shoot violent people. Your local bobby can't slap someone without a national outrage.

    At the moment it is due to the extremely poor staffing levels. The only way to get the kind of numbers actually needed to police the streets is to pay the operational few to come in on their days off. Close down the offices, switch off the lights, get your coat on and get out the door. That might save a few quid on the OT budget.

    The only people I see suffering from this is the public and the Constables (Who are still the public when they go home as well as on duty).

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
  2. Save £500 Mil by 2014, erm 2012 Olympics, lots of Mutual Aid to the capital, more AFOs will be needed, thus more expense...
  3. It will be covered in the current manner. Cancelled rest days for operational officers in The Met area and OT for specifically qualified officers from outside.

    Even in that manner it will cost a small fortune which will impact on Policing the rest of the country during the run up.
  4. IIRC, the last big Mutual Aid Op. was during the 2005 G8 at Glengeagles, when huge numbers of English coppers were drafted north of the Border.

    And we all know what happend in London while the Met's away team was playing Smack the Crustie in Edinburgh... :evil:
  5. Not to be a naysayer but, all the specially qualified officers from outside the MPS area come down for the Olympics (not forgetting the other major national events that happen during the Olympics like the Stabbyhill carnival) who will cover their force area?

    Policing in the rest of the country will be buggered, anyone who has any public order, horse, firearms or language skills will be sent down to London at least 2 weeks before the event.... Leaving the counties empty of plods.
  6. Exactly, and that was on a smaller scale than the Olympics will be. Mind you the look on some of the crusties faces when a TSG serial came steaming out of a Chinook was priceless...
  7. So that also means less Policing in the rural areas is this a "political" or operational decision, am i being cynical, surely not!
  8. Frank Castle makes the point I was going to make very well.
  9. The problem the police face, much like the MoD, is that they have too many people doing the wrong things.

    Remove the bureaucracy, get rid of the PR and communications shite, thin out the diversity and EO assholes, and they might just have enough people to deliver their primary role of preventing crime and providing reassurance to the community, rather than the current focus on preventing crime prevention and reassuring the statisticians.

    Will never happen mind - vested interests always win out.

  10. Forgive me for being a nerd (I can't help it), but joint procurement actually means all forces buying the same stuff using collective bargaining to reduce prices- for example, instead of individually buying helicopters, they collectively buy them at a discount.
  11. However - What has already been implied by senior bosses is that instead of most large forces having their own air assets they will share them with neighbouring forces in order to cost cut. As much as I hate the fact somebody gets paid a good wage to swan around in a helicopter all day, who isn't me, they are a very valuable asset and when used properly produce some fantastic results.

    I would suggest that a good solution might be for forces to share ground support assets and where geographically possible airfields.
  12. The scarey thing is, if you and I can see the opertunities this will create for terrorism, you better believe the Bad Guys can see it as well.

    As to coppers patrolling on their own, there was a report yesterday about the high number of coppers off sick due to job related stress/injuries. This will go through the roof if coppers have to patrol on their own. There will also be a sharp rise in complaints as coppers have to use much greater force to defend themselves or to arrest someone.
  13. CJ- this has already happened to an extent. For instance, the Yorkshire forces and Humberside have combined efforts for roads policing. Also, they specialise in other areas and hire assets from each other for most effect. It allows a force to concentrate on what it needs most of while still having easy access to other resources.

    And I'd quite like to swan around in a heli all day too!
  14. True. Reminded me of the old joke about the SPG; after they had finished with the Miners, they wanted to push on to Moscow...

    I also have fond memories of one Crustie getting smashed in the face with a BFO riot shield during the Battle of Princes St. :twisted:
  15. An ex colleauge still has his "Arthur Scargill paid my mortgage" t shirt :twisted: