Police Brutality or Justified Use of Force?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by doomsayer, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. Watch this video US Police Stop Car

    Was the US copper justified? Is everyone happy that the same use of force occurs in the UK, if/when the police are all issued Tasers?

    I for one would normally do what I am told by the police and I definitely would if they point a Taser at me!

  2. There may be a good argument for it here considering some of the stories we've heard lately regarding unruley yobs. Police have to have an authoritarian position in society, unfortunately there are those who do not want to play by society's rules and therefore IMHO there msut be deterants that will work. I bet the woman in the vid will stop and respond accordingly next time...
  3. If you watch it with the Trg Sgt's commentary, it clearly explains the reasons why it happened in compliance with their officer safety policies.

    The yanks don't fcuk about.

    She was warned! ZAP! that'll learn her.

    Taser isnt employed in such a way over here.

    If it was, there would be coppers in jail, payouts to families and complaints galore. Shame
  4. Of course it would never happen here - a Gatso is as incapable of using a Taser as it is of detecting defective vehicles and disqualified or uninsured drivers, and a police traffic car is an uncommon sight.

    The woman in the video was driving whilst her licence was suspended; she was speeding; she had a damaged windscreen and defective taillight; she was unco-operative from the outset and failed to comply with the police officer's clear and reasonable instructions, and subsequently she swore at and threatened the officers. I think the officer was entirely justified; if our police were allowed to be more robust perhaps fewer people would think themselves above the law.

    Which is more dangerous - 2 x 5-second Taser jolts, or a disqualified driver speeding in a defective vehicle?
  5. US police training doctrine, like US army operational doctrine is one of "force protection." You really don't dick about with spam cops: they will shoot you. Furthermore, the American public sort of expects it.

  6. Hmmmm she should of got out of the car- tazering her twice was a bit harsh, BUT, I would have got her again if she make that huge song and dance and lay on the floor for that long. :twisted:
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That really brightened up my day. The guy must be over six foot, and well into 240lbs. Aside that, he's bald and wearing Oakleys - anyone who decides to f*ck with him gets all they deserve.
    "You caint arist me, wa'choo wawnt, whine, moan..."

    Best bit comes at the end.. "We've been tased; we know its not that bad. Put your shoes on."

    That is a thing of beauty. Well done the spams. I can't help feeling people would be less inclined to f*ck with the law if Plod could break that one out one them. Especially for 'Non-Compliance'- Chavs $hites from Colchester to Cardiff would be shaking like Michael J fox in puddles of their own self pity (and pi$$) - simply for the Longbowman's Salute. I'd pay to see that.
  8. Amazing how quick this spreads across the net, just seen this on 2 other forums I frequent, and now here.

    I think she's a dumb bitch who should've shut her mouth and done as she was told, and while tazering her the second time was maybe un-necessary, it's not exactly Rodney King Part 2.
  9. Not sure I completely agree, he didnt even wait a minute before using the taser, he's a big bloke why didnt he just pull her out, if she resisited then zap her! Then again we couldnt see into the car.

    You have to ask yourself why we need this sort of thing, remember life in the late 1800s and early 1900s was worse than it is now far more drunks and razor gangs. All coppers had was a lump of wood.

    Make the Police a Force again, big blokes enforcimg the law even handedly.
  10. As far as I'm aware, the cop is forbidden from actually entering the vehicle, as he would to try to pull her out, and if he grabbed her or entered the vehicle she could just put her foot down and drag him along the motorway
  11. Thought they had a cutlass aswell?

  12. OK, he's 240lbs of solid, power-crazed hero - but was that a trunction I spotted in his trousers or was he enjoying it?

    I also find your response interesting - did the whole episode turn you on somehow? Come on, you can be honest amongst friends
  13. OK,

    First, the LEO followed use of force for his department and state; to the letter.

    Second, the Taser system can't be used by ANY LEO until they are hit with it during training. Quite often they're hit multiple times during dynamic training.

    Third, all LEOs follow what is known here as a "continuum of force". It's a system, when followed, that requires force/compliance comensurate with the threat profile the suspect presents. The continuum consists of the following levels:

    Hand Combat,
    Impact Weapons,
    Presenting Firearms,
    Discharging Firearms.

    As a matter of policy, LEOs are authorized to match whatever force the suspect presents; OR ONE LEVEL HIGHER. Tasers are now considered, by most departments, an low-end impact weapon. If a suspect refuses verbal direction, a LEO is authorized to use Hand Combatives, in the form of pain-compliance techniques, to force compliance. If a suspect is physically combative, the LEO is authorized to use impact weapons. If the suspect has an impact weapon, the LEO WILL present his/her firearm; and if the suspect tries to use the impact weapon, they'll engage with direct fire. Keep in mind that non-compliance at any level is grounds for escalation of force by the LEO until suspect compliance is achieved.

    The Officer in the video performed what I would characterize as a textbook example of use of force. He started with verbal direction and escalated as required based on the suspect's response.

    Here's the flip side of the coin: if the Officer did NOT have the Taser, his other options were: Using a baton or pepper spray. What are the chances she would have gone to the emergency room for cuts and bruises; as well as the officer? I've seen reports where a blind naked man took on four 200+ pound officers and beat on them for ten minutes before being subdued.

    In the video, the Taser IMMEDIATELY stopped the threat and resistance. Afterwards, she walked to cruiser under her own power. The Officer was unhurt, the suspect was unhurt, and the paperwork for a use-of-force incident was dramatically reduced. You see, here in the USA an Officer must account for every single word, hand-hold, impact blow, and trigger squeeze they make during an incident. The Taser just reduced his UOF paperwork to one page; vice 15-20 pages for hand combat and other techniques.

    How many noticed that she played the "race card"? While on the ground she yelled and implied that the traffic stop and use of force was racially motivated. I find it very amusing that the Black LEO reviewing the footage called it a 'clean' use of force. No prejudice, just another upstanding citizen going stupid in a no-stupid zone.

    Frenchperson: What can I say? You know nothing at all about us, make no attempt to try, and completely trash our culture. You represent your society very well indeed.
  14. If you read FP's other threads you will see that this is a recurring theme of his/hers - nothing more than a pi$$poor attempt to stir things up
  15. frenchperson=commie pinko fag