Police blow up car at Hospital Car Park

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_0ne, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,70131-1273148,00.html

    They blew a car up on the hospital car park even though there was no indication it contained explosives.

    WHAT THE f**k!!

    Did they not like the colour of it or something?

  2. Probably the backlash against Mercedes and Jeeps. Part of the new profiling system I should imagine.
  3. I suspect there is a little sensationalist creativity in the media report! It won't have been the Police which "blew up the car", it would have been the ATO in the EOD team from Edinburgh Tp, 11 EOD Regt RLC. The Police obviously deemed it suspicious and requested EOD assistance.

    Unless the vehicle was subject to a coded warning, or the police definately believed there was some sort of device in there which was ticking down, it is unlikely that the car would have been blown up! What is more likely, is that the ATO used a Wheelbarrow to remotely open and search the car before telling the Police that is was clear. In order to open the car, he would have carried out a series of small "controlled explosions" in order to break the windows and disable the locks. These small explosions are similar to a blank shotgun cartridge which is fired through the weapons mounted on the Wheelbarrow.

    The comment about it not containing explosives was given at the end of the incident after the ATO had confirmed that the vehicle was clear and safe, and that there were no explosives contained within it.

    Hope that clears things up! The EOD teams from 11 EOD Regt RLC do this several times a day, everyday, however it is only in these times of greater media interest, that the stories are told! The colour of the car is immaterial, however it is very satisfying to properly blow up a big expensive car!! :D
  4. Its called a controlled explosian! A small charge most likely to disturb something suspicious in the vehicle. Perhaps you 2 numptys have a better idea how to deal with the situation?
  5. Bulletfixer, beat me to it.
  6. WTF are you on about? You really must be struggling to have a go at someone today? Not get any last night???
    Of course we know its a controlled explosion. Do you think I am suggesting that the police are really profiling Mercedes and Jeep vehicles???
    Get a grip
  7. Thanks for that Bullet_fixer_BDH. makes perfect sense.
    The media will only ever report things that they think are "sexy" on tv anyway.
  8. The car was not blown up! It was wheelbarrow and the usual shotgun cartridge used by Felix through the windows. I live not to far from the hospital and certainly was no explosion.
  9. Yeah but thats a pants news story.
    Imagine the headline
    Suspect car with nothing in it, not blown up but shotgun cartridge through windows.
  10. To be fair to Sky, the only part of the report that was incorrect was the 'blown up' part.

    And... it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the mates of our toasty jihadist friend were trying to help finish off his little adventure by packing him off to paradise...together with a couple of thousand hospital workers and patients.
  11. "Soldier who blew up innocent car at Hospital was trained at Deepcut"

    "Shocking news today about the training of our army. A soldier from the elite "Royal Logging Corpse" today blew up an empty car. It turns out the unnamed soldier had passed out of Deepcut, where he may have been bullied or subjected to a naked "sex romp" in the bar with a barely clad, elite female military policewoman. An army insider told us annonoo.noono..noo without telling us his name, that this is a sign of the pressure on the armed forces since Prince Harry wasn't sent to Iraq"

    Sensionalist enough?

    On more serious note, as long as there aren't any car bombs going off all over the place I think we can be pretty grateful, and long may controlled explosions be carried out where the needs arises

    P.S for that story, if written in The Sun replace "elite" with "second-rate"
  12. What do you expect them to do, stand around and wait and see if it goes bang wiping out a whole area. Or do you expect them to around open the doors to see if the bomb has been wired to the door light switches. Now it could be there was an wrong index number or some thing else that made them very suspicious about it.
  13. Seconded.

    After the last few days, better safe than very, very sorry.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Its the new penalty system for failing to pay and display! right?
  15. Careful with that kind of comment, people will think your being serious and say that your a liberal tree hugging Islington something or other, pro terrorist etc etc