Police aware of Leo kidnap plot


Hmm...Gordon Broon is expecting another child so, just like buses, another child-related story immediately comes along about his rival....

Police sources have told the BBC they knew of suggestions of a plot to kidnap Tony Blair's five-year-old son Leo.
Police were not convinced those involved - who the Sun newspaper said wanted to highlight fathers' rights - had the ability to carry out the plot.

No attempted kidnap took place and there have been no arrests.

Police reportedly uncovered the plot while investigating people on the fringe of the Fathers 4 Justice group; the group has denied any involvement.

Officially police are making no comment, and Downing Street has refused to confirm or deny the newspaper story.

The Sun claimed the alleged plan was made to hold five-year-old Leo for a short period only, to highlight the cause of fathers denied access to their children.

"This is definitely nothing to do with the official group, categorically," Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O'Connor said.

"We are working to reunite children with their fathers - not kidnap them. People know what we are about, direct, peaceful action with a touch of humour."

Mr O'Connor said he was aware that police had been investigating some former members of his group last month.
Sounds like a plot which was discussed in a pub over a pint and has been sensationalised by the Scum (no surprise there). Sun editor just been on Sky News saying police took the threat very seriously. Yeah so seriously that there have been no arrests and it would appear no further investigation. No doubt there will now be lots of money spent on investigating this due to media pressure. Money would be better of spent finding who at NSY is in employ of the Daily Rag and leaked the story.
From the Guardian:

"We did hear that SO13 [the Met's anti-terrorist unit] had visited a number of former members of the group about two weeks ago. We heard that they had been warned that there was a risk of someone getting shot over this," Mr O'Connor said.
If anyone else's child was captured, would the kidnappers face a similar scenario? I don't think so....

Penalty for threatening the First Family...Death.
Also a very effective way to tarnish an organisations name with out have to produce proof. Like calling someone a kiddy fiddler; totally unproven but everyone is suspicious evermore. The media hardly need any encouragement to feed on this sort of story.
If the claims are found to be true, then the massive sympathy for FFJ will disappear overnight. I am 100pc behind FFJ and it is a subject very close to my heart as I have recently separated from my wife and only get to see my daughter at weekends. Fortunately we are being adult about it and access has not become an issue. By I can't imagine the pain of not being able to see my little girl, and think that the law is very heavily slanted in favour of the female, which in this so called enlightened PC age is just plain wrong. FFJ have, however, formented a climate whereby more desparate and militant fathers would go to extremes for their cause. NWST who the father is, to contemplate the kidnap of anyones children is an odious and shocking thing to even think about. I personally think that if there is even a grain of truth in this, those responsible should be prosecuted for the damage they have caused to a worthy group of men. As a rider on this, if this is merely a smear campaign against the organisation, then the people responsible should be treated with equal severity.


Having just seen the news, I can honestly say this is the biggest non story in the history of non stories, apparantly it was vaguely discussed on a fathers for justice website and thats as far as it got, no plans, no plot, just a few people gossiping and probably taking the p*ss. Add a bit of New Labour spin and you are led to believe it's the Lindbergh kidnapping all over. I could be cynical here and say it was designed to generate sympathy for Bliar, but no politician would use his children to further his own ambition would they?
And its funny that this comes about on the eve of whats supposed to be another damning report into the CSA!

and while the gov is under massive pressure on the kiddy fiddlers issue.

interestingly no arrests have been made - if there was any evidence at all that this story was true then surely someone would have been pulled in questioning!!!
The founder of FFJ was on Radio 4 this morning. He sounded very depressed about the whole thing and mentioned that it made him feel like closing the organisation down, as it went against everything he was trying to do.


Which may be the whole point behind the story, Bliar has a history of using the police to do his dirty work.
Smoke and mirrors guys, smoke and mirrors!
It is a non-story.
A bunch of blokes who dress up as Batman, penetrating President Bliars security? Not in a million years...
All those real criminals and terrorists out there must be rolling on the floor laughing at the waste of police time.
labrat said:
and while the gov is under massive pressure on the kiddy fiddlers issue.
rubbish next you'll be claiming that tanks were rolled out at heathrow every time blair was visibly pushing for the iraq war... oh wait....
What made me laugh was Andy McNab in the Scum claiming that highly trained police bodyguards would have opened fire and shot the FFJ guys dead during any attempted kidnap.
Plods can barely protect themselves, never mind anyone else. The Plod who was stabbed to death during the arrest of a terror suspect a few years ago was an ex-member of Blair's CP team!
The only way a British police officer would stop a Al Quida suicide bomber is if the bomber tripped over him.
countdokku said:
The only way a British police officer would stop a Al Quida suicide bomber is if the bomber tripped over him.

Or if the bomber was busy reading his newspaper on the train when the copper sneaked up on him :lol: :lol: :lol:
So let's get this right. Some blokes are in a pub spouting bullsh!t about kidnapping someone after a few pints. Depending on how much they've drunk, they probably talk about UFOs and aliens but I bet NASA aren't launching an investigation. I'm willing to bet everyone on ARRSE thinks Blair is a lying twat and wouldn't mind rearranging his smug face - watch out, because the thought Police are on our case. Talk about the nanny state. This country is a fecking joke!
Still, while they are doing this sort of thing they will not be making improper remarks to friends within range of hidden bugging equipment at the nick.
Blair certainly isn't one to bear a grudge is he..
This non-story is about burying F4J. Not sure why it should happen now though , did they plan to embarrass the Education Minister in spectacular style or something?

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