Police attacked by "Allah Akhbar" Screaming protestors.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by radiorental, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Furious Protesters march on police and force police back several blocks while screaming Allah Akhbar! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a30_1231817826

    Where doe's tolerence end in a free society? For me these extremists have gone way too far and it makes me even more fearful for the future of this country. The undemocratic doctrine of multiculturalism has been forced upon this nation by a tiny liberal elite, until the majority has become the minority in their own country. While people may be equal cultures are not. For example would some one like to equate the religious practices of the Aztecs with those of the Tibetans? Rowan Williams take note before you also help to p1ss away what remains of our national and cultural identity as well as it's core values. The values my fathers generation fought and died to preserve during WW2 It makes you wonder why we are now currently fighting two wars with these people abroad when are own police are on the run from them back in blighty.

    A Complete and utter joke. :x
  2. They're hardly attacking the Police are they? Seemed to me that they were marching down the street and the OB, being outnumbered, were withdrawing.
    (admittedly I only watched the 1st minute of it and got bored. did anything happen after that?)

    If the OB laid into them for merely shouting "God is Great" it would hardly be proportionate would it?
  3. Where exactly are the Police backing away or running away? I've watched the footage, I'm trying to see where the Police are forced back several blocks? (Nice Americanism there)

    There were a hardcore of half a dozen idiots spoiling for a fight, which the Police weren't about to give them.

    In fact at one juncture, one of the worthies shouting Alluh Akbar is invited to "fuking shut up you pr*ck , by others on the march.

    Of course , if you're not from the UK , as I doubt this poster of the video is, then you won't recognise a parade route to the Park..

    Yeah, I'm terrified. The whole fabric of our society is under threat , from about half a dozen gobby turds :roll:
  4. No it wouldn't.

    It would still of made my day better watching it though.

    The fcking c*nts.
  5. Seagull I managed about 5 minutes and have to say that at various stages there are what would appear to be stewards in orange reflectives at the front. I got more of the impression of a very loud and volatile demonstration which was being escorted by police (although maybe not in a too well organised style). Best for me was the camera man (or someone stould near him) who continually shouted that the police were swine and cowards and then finally the police had had enough of the traffic cones being thrown at them and advanced towards him and he starts screaming that they "can't touch me". Oh how brave our democratic right to protest makes some of these people.

    I think this was posted in the good ole USA and some of the comments from there are pretty impressive for the "Land of the Free". Most of it along the lines of "Let them godam muslim terrorists try this in our country"
  6. They certainly don't like it up em'. A pity that they don't have the courage of their convictions.

    Most protesters are there to do so in a peaceful manner (whilst they can, the way it's going all forms of protest may soon be outlawed) but there's always a few who will take the opportunity for a bit of a ruck. Unfortunately these idiots ruin it for the peaceful majority and force the OB to deal with the crowd in a more robust manner.

    It also allows the government to bring in legislation that is designed to control said protest but usually results in it being stifled.

    Edited to add

    For example, at the expense of a bit of self interest, the Police Federation Pay March last year was re routed using legislation from the Public Order Act through the back streets as it neared Parliment. It's not as if the OB were going to start putting the windows in on Starbucks (might have stopped for a brew though) and spraying the Cenotaph were they?

    Though it was quite ironic.
  7. I am afarid it's a bit more than that. What we are seeing here is just one example of a much deeper underlying problem of which the July 6th bombings were IMO another although far more extreme manifestation. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4270010.stm

    Btw I have actually got a lot of sympathy for the Palestinians but not for the way these extremeists shout abuse at our police. If you did that on friday night you would be arrested on the spot.

  8. No you wouldn't. I've seen abuse at coppers on Weekends in the city centre and 9 times out of 10 , it's met with "Go home and sleep it off mate , I can't be arrsed"

    Let's not confuse angry young men with an agenda with a deeper disintegration of society. Especially if you're going to present a badly labelled video as evidence.

    The only thing quite obvious here, is someone not from the UK , but with an agenda posted it on liveleak.
  9. So how does that deeper disintergration of society manifest itself if not in part through the actions of angry young men. Your point about the person who posted it is a red herring.There is no evidence as to his motivation in the acompanying text. It shows what it shows, FACT. We are seeing is a group of retreating policemen be chased up a street by a group of screaming protestors engaging in threatening and abusive behaviour. It provides documentary evidence that would be allowed into a court of law.

    Throwing traffic cones at the police while asking them if they want a fcuking war while chasing them down a street also constitutes violence IMO. So the video wasn't badly labelled either.

    The police in your neck of the woods must be over worked they would certainly arrest you where I live. Policing varies from area to area in its effectiveness and severity. In some places they seem to have given up entirely.

    There is a deeper point here about where you draw the line on this type of behaviour in a free society. I am not certain my self so I would be interested in other people views on this forum.
  10. It's a shame that your angry young men the ones you always have an excuse for,( or muslim rent a thug as I think of them) cost the British taxpayer Millions of pounds.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone sreaming 'God is great!' in my face is going to get punched. Anyone screaming anything in my face (unless it's 'You've just won a million sovs bruv!' is going to get a punch in the face.

    People screaming in other people's faces is deffo a proper threat to the fabric of society.
  12. OK Lets face it. It's the elephant in the room again. Same with stop and search etc. The police are terrified of being accused of being racist and it won't be until things get so bad e.g youth stabbings that anything is going to get done about it. Its all very well being PC about these things when you live in fcuk off big house in Hampstead and can afford private education for your children.

    We have disempowered the police, the teachers, the parents. Political correctness combined with a litigation culture is eating away at the moral fabric of our society like acid. It didn't have to be Muslim radicals (just happened to be newsworthy) it could have been a bunch of chavs from Oldham or gangster wannabes from Peckham. Islamic fundamentalism is just part of a vast mosaic of related issues.

    We are faced with some hard choices and need to have a serious discussion in this country about rights vs responsibilities. The balance is entirely wrong at present. The rest of the world is laughing at us. Great Britain the 'soft touch.'

    When is enough enough and where do we draw the line? We are losing our community capital at an ever increasing rate.
  13. No it's not , look at the video again, this time with the sound and, your blinkers off.

    No we're not looking at that at all. Did you miss the transit vans in line abreast ahead of the demonstration? The Police weren't 'retreating' they were in column of route on the way to the Park. I suppose you missed the groups of Police denying access to streets off the route too?

    Perhaps you also missed the packet of Police detached to deal with one of the cone kickers?

    Did you miss others on the march telling the vocal tools at the front to shut up?

    The Video is badly labelled, and deliberately so, it does not describe what was taking place. The Police were not 'retreating'. It's a good thing the Police are thicker skinned than you isn't it. They're certainly thicker skiined than me, as lead gobby boy would have been kicked in the mouth by me to make my point.

    No,the Police in my neck of the woods are excellent, and they fight crime , rather than arrest every gobby 18 year old with a skinful. They certainly move aggressively and decisively if threatened with more than a scrote gobbing off full of beer.

    No they are not.

    How many furious protestors? Where are the Police forced back several blocks? How many people are screaming "God is Great"?

    The part I liked was cone kicker getting a quick filling in in a shop doorway on the left to a cheer from the crowd :D
  14. people shouting and using threatening behaviour is deemed as assault, albeit without battery. I have fallen foul of this myself while waving........ wait for it....... a bag of ice 3 inches from their face! For that I had to accept a caution ,if not would have been charged for a public order offence and fined 80 quid. So I am sure winging traffic cones at people does at the very least constitute assault!!! Wasn't the women who staged a protest at the cenotaph locked up?