Police at it again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Looks like the police are at it again on the speeding camera saga I cant help but think if this had been a company etc the owner would have been charged with withholding evidence or whatever they use in this case. So not only do they allow coppers to drive at 150 mph on the motorway they don't even know who was driving their cars no such thing as a works ticket/vehicle log then? :roll: hypocrisy
  2. Police driving on motorway at speed for driving experience (with training officer or try out handling of new car model) would not be too bad - if it was logged beforehand i.e. not because somebody just wanted to exceed speed limit and risk lives for silly reason e.g. get back early for tea break.

    Note that "The force" are paying the fine - as well as paying for the courts time i.e. us, the tax payer.

    Also note that the driver does not get any points on his/her driving license - like we would.
  3. Who gives a shit? 47 in a 40 is no big deal now is it? If the vehicle was a multi user one it is quite easy for the log book not to be completed.

    As for 150 on a motorway wasn't that at 4 in the morning, with an Advanced Driver familiarising himself with a new vehicle? Again, so what?
  4. Been done to death on here try searching the forums, think the conclusion was, It was not training, it was a big boys toys jolly and he got away with it!!
  5. Just read your post again!
    Are you a copper by any chance :?:
  6. You must be a copper. Two years ago the South Wales Police prosecuted several of the best drivers in the World Rally Championship GB round for speeding on public roads. Does the same argument carry ie Best drivers in the world with the best cars in the world. I think not. Kettle Black
  7. So if like the MoD if your works ticket/log book is not completed before taking to the roads your insurance is invalid? So not only was a speed limit broken but the car in question should not have even been on it! And as for the 47 in a 40 zone no it's no big deal unless your not in the police then it's fines points on licence etc just proved by your own admission its a 2 tier system :x
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    What's really wrong with it is the dear old bobby's now think he/she is above the law when it comes to speeding - provided they do it in their own patch - how long before they think they are above the law full stop. Mind you it would be nice to meet a bobby on the beat - come under rare breed in my part of ther world.

    Mind you some of my best golfing chums are plods.
  9. But you all seem to over look the bit of the Law that says a police vehicle, being used for a police purpose is exempt the speed limits! As for the Insurance all Police Vehicles come under the block insurance system. And no I'm not a copper, but I was and regularly exceeded the speed limits on nights, when safe, to practice my skills. Like all skills, practice is required or they lessen.

    And if I had a quid for every time someone said, "You took your time getting here" having driven across London at Mach 2, I'd have about 12 quid.
  10. Strikes me they need JAMES :D
  11. I've used that excuse before and got away with it too :wink: That said, that was my first speed fine and my second ever fine since driving.

    But IMO this one just smells as much bol locks as that 'I was just testing out the car boss' excuse:
  12. The point about rally drivers is very apt. Imagine going into court on a speeding charge of some double the 70 mph and producing certificates from the Advanced Motorists, yea many sertificates from the schools that do track training for skids and circuit racing along with ten year no claims bonus. Say "I've been trained so it is all right" and see where it gets you.
    I'm against high speed police driving at an time. Be more aggressive at those who doze in front of 2 tones and flashing lights. Use the number plate technology to track escaping vehicles. Get the choppers up. Get a matrix of blockinmg cars. High speed driving for real does, I'm told, require that someone in the control room deal with the red mist aspect - who does that on the un=planned cabbys at night? Who keeps my old aunt in her 1950 Austin 7 away from the well trained driver?
  13. Define 'police purpose' closer. By extension, anything a policeman ever does or has done could be put under that heading by some smart arrse lawyer
    I agree. Thank you for your efforts but I would not wish catching some 'joy-riding' yobbo exposing an innocent party (or the police driver to the risk of serious injury or death. Look at all the trouble a fast moving Black Rat caused Paul McCartney!
  14. I read the hypocrisy link and it states the officer was,
    speeding and when questioned stated he was on route to an accident.

    It seems he was infact off to collect a takeaway.

    And then he got off with the offence!!. ffs

    Respect for the law? Maybe
    For the upholders? Going plughole pdq.
  15. AAAAng on as I understand it the dozy bint stepped out in front of the bike, p1ssed was she?, a bit like the journo bint who was p1ssed and stepped out in front of the van on its way to a 'shout'.........but now I've 'bit' lets ave the abuse then.......... :roll: