Police Application.... Whats my Ethnic Origin?????

Tick the Gay box, and then once you are successfully through all the training, claim that you have been 'turned' by the local netball team (who saw you as a challenge). They can't prove otherwise.
I was considering my theological status while I was filling in a Police App and it did cross my mind to put Muslim just to get in quicker - a sad sign of the times unfortunately.

However honesty prevailed and I put athiest (as I decided they're all a load of tosh).

Subsequently came top of tests with 82% overall, but let down with medical as I had had minor back surgery the year before.

Often wonder if I would have cleared that hurdle as a 'muslim' . . .
One of my mates applied recently and was basically told she was not eligible as her and her husband run a pub, hence a conflict of interests??? The fact there is hardly any bother in the pub as she is 3rd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do is neither here nor there, off the record she said "if I was a single parent dole scrounging lesbian muslim I might stand a chance"
Mate, if you're struggling on this one.......... you're going to have some problems with the rest of the process. PM me if you need a hand. Been in 13 years and i've a good mate who's in the Scottish Plod.

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