Police Application.... Whats my Ethnic Origin?????

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm filling in an application for a Scottish Police Force and I'm a bit stumped as to what to put as my "Ethinic Origin" as I'm a right mungral.
    The options are
    White British -
    -Scottish []
    -English []
    -Welsh []
    -Nothern Irish []
    -Other (Please enter below) []

    Other White
    - Irish []

    Now I could tick most of those boxes. Normally I just tick White British and be done with it, however with ethnic targets in recruitment......

    My Dad's side of the family is straight forward, Mix of English and Cornish (No-one really knows where my Great Grandmother came from, she (Bar Maid) married my great Grand Father (City Trader).

    Now my Mothers side of the family is a little more confusing. Mum's Mum's family were 100% Yorkshire but her Fathers side of the Family settle in Scotland in the late 1800's, they were from southern Ireland. However my Grandfather was born in Belfast (or maybe Glasgow) due to complications with the birth while she was in Southern Ireland trying to find my great grand father who had done a runner from her. She found him and brought him back to Scotland (1917ish). So my Grandfather could say he was either Irish or Scots but his loyalty was alway to the UK (He served in the RAF (rear gunner) before being transfered to the Army after he completed all his required missions and punching his CO. He met my Gran in 1945 and Mum was born in 1946 but was born in Yorkshire (out of wed lock) but grew up in Scotland from the age of one.
    Now my Father was born in England but his family moved to Scotland in the 1950's and continued to raise a family (Half sound Scots, half sound English all with mixed loyalty to England/Scotland).

    I was born in Scotland and support both Scotland and England in sporting events. To me Scotland is my home.

    Now am I Scottish because I was born here or am I Anglo-Cornish-Irish. Although the only Irish connection the family has ever had is the odd pint of the guinness so I would be more of an Anglo-Scot-Cornish. Does that make me mixed race?

    Why can't I just put down British?
  2. Can't you just tick the Lesbian box?
  3. Try and find out which ethnic origins that can aply to you are undersubscribed, and then pic that one.

    Go gay irish or something!

    T C
  4. LVH, have you ever heard the saying; 'You are what you eat'? If so may I make a suggestion, if you apply this rule to yourself and your dietary intake you are justified in entering Bangladeshi ( if you eat a lot of curries), Italian (pizza), Chinese ( well chinese really) and so on. The only exception to this rule is if you are a vegetarian: that's just plain wrong.
  5. I'm rather surprised that you see the need to ask anyone else's opinion on anything, then.
  6. Like me, you are "Other"; that is, British. Write that in the box and attach some anthrax powder to the form as a protest against this sort of gross, unnecessary Stalinist intrusion.
  7. I always put "I prefer not to be categorised by race". No-one has ever dared question me on it.
  8. I knew an Irish copper who obviously ticked the white Irish box. He got loads of bumf through the post inviting him to ethnic minority meetings, so if I were you Id tick that to get a foot in the door (as its a minority). Make sure you can quote your Irish heratige at the interview though!

    And apparently he went to the meeting and they made him pin a flag up on the wall behind him and talk about what it meant to be Irish, could be worth a giggle.
  9. Typical Fuzz (or at least wannabe)

    It says quite clearly

    So tick that one and then write in your bestest crayon

    That way when you are up for promotion to TopmosthighPolicepersonever the tabloids won't be able to say you lied about that, now what you should put for your hobbies is a different matter.
  10. Copy the above text on a separate sheet of paper and title it "Annex A", and attach it to your application.
  11. Origins of the Human Race

    Researchers believe that members of the human family - hominids - and African apes once had a common ancestor, perhaps as recently as 5 to 10 million years ago. At some stage the hominids split off from the apes and began to develop one of the first and perhaps most important human characteristics - the ability to walk upright.

    The earliest ancestors of humankind are known as Australopithecines - commonly known as 'ape men'.

    The first example of Australopithecus was found in 1925 in a limestone cave near Taung, in South Africa, by the anthropologist Raymond Dart. He found the skull of a six year old creature with an ape-like appearance but human characteristics. Australopithecines were small, with long arms, prominent skulls and small brains and retained the ability to climb trees.

    You are African, or more correctly South African. I don't know if this will help you join the Police, but it does mean you are currently the Rugby world champions!
  12. Harley, I hope you are being all post modernist and ironic with this question. If not, then I pity the copper crewed up with you on your first shoplifter shout. If you make as much a meal of it, you'll make it sound like you've just collared Ronnie Biggs.

    Having said that, you will probably be fast tracked, and minions like me will be calling you Sir in no time.
  13. I'm not smart enough to do the post modern thing, but I can do irony and being padantic. I just find it silly that we have to fill in Ethnic Origin forms for every job we apply. The Government tells us we are all British and equal but are quick to divide us into different sets of groups with varying values.
    How many generations does it take to change ethnic origin, what makes some one's nationality, blood or birth or both?
  14. Tick the 'other' box and where it says please state write - No.
  15. You need to be in a minority group to even get a paper sift for the police these days. Be anything other than white, hetrosexual male.