Police and the TA

I'm currently in the TA (Pte) and have just applied to join the police force. Could any police officers who are also in the TA tell me if it's easy to juggle both jobs?

I know tha policing involves a lot of shift work and I'm worried I might have to leave because I can't make the commitment :(
Kent Police have a policy of allowing a certain percentage of Bobbies to serve within the TA - there is a form that you can get from yer Clerkies to hand to your employers (albeit if you get accepted) requesting their permission for you also to serve in the TA. Knew a Kent Bobby serve in TA he had no problems at just scrapping in time for bounty qualification.

Hope that helps a little
Check out my previous posts regarding police leave etc - theres some good home office guidlines which could get you an extra 19days paid leave from the old bill.

Hope you're going in a Home office force and not the Muppets I work for. Ive done this to death but my advice to anyone: JOIN THE REAL POLICE.

When I was in the Met the rule was you cant be TA during your probation, then you have to apply to go on a list as they can only have a certain percentage in the reserves. took me 2 years to get on that list (+ 2 years probation) so if the rules are the same in your force you may have to leave the TA for up to 4 years!!

With Employer notifictaion you cant even keep quiet anymore!!

Good Luck
Helped a lot in our unit. We have / had 2 plod on the books and it was great for them to cast an eye over potential recruit forms. The number that 'forgot' to put down their convictions for drugs etc, was unreal. Saved a lot of time on un-necessary paperwork and kit issues. Helped foster good relations with 'Mr Big@ Plod, or whatever he is called.
I suppose it's the same in the UK TA as it is in the Australian Army Reserve?

In my day I recall that in many MP Reserve Units, most of the members were Civvie Coppers/Prison Officers/Customs Officers/Bailiffs/Debt Collectors and so on.

It was interesting to note that is some cases the Constable of Police was a Captain and the Corporal was a Sergeant of Police.

Australian Police Force members get between 7 to 9 weeks Annual Leave and as members of the Defence Force Reserves they are entitled to an extra 2 weeks Military Leave with full pay and so it's not a bad little lurk as a part-timer; especially as Air Force Reserve, which is mostly relief manning with virtually no bush bashing and never having to wear the suit camouflage with boots matching.
Hi Monaro,

When i was thinking about joining Bedfordshire Police Force, the contact there said that i would have to choose either the TA or the Police.
Best bet is to go on the Kent police website and send an email asking there policy on it.

Cheers Bart

Im off to the sandpit on the 23rd Jan!
Standard policy is that you cannot be in the TA for the 2 years you are a probationary PC. You will have to leave and then re-join after gaining permission from kent police.
Oh dear... the PSAO won't be happy (I'm already on leave getting my college work completed) :lol:

Oh well, 2 years isn't so bad. Somebody else told me that the Chief Con himself would be the one approving reservist duties 8O Seems like a nice fella so hopefully I shouldn't have any problems after probation :D

Thanks everyone :wink:
Whilst we're on the subject of public services, whats the score with the Fire Brigade? are they TA friendly?
Captain and another chap in my unit are both firemen. Doesn't seem to be a problem for them, assuming that they aren't "On call" or whatever the terminology is for the fire service
Two of mine have been "Teliced", no problems, OK feedback but another long stint would not be good for them.
I found myself a new posting in the CIVPOL. A job I'd fancied for ages.

I was also thinking of re-joining the TA with a view to going on to do some civil affairs type stuff. As I'm in my late thirties I thought I'd bring my work experience along rather than my warry athleticism.

Anyway, my new boss made it quite clear that although I am entitled to join the reserve forces it would be incompatible with my new job. He just couldn't afford to lose me for six months. So I stayed put, I can see it his way as it's only a small team.

So check with the unit/ division/ borough you are working on. It might be easier for people on uniformed response teams and so on.

KINGO said:
Whilst we're on the subject of public services, whats the score with the Fire Brigade? are they TA friendly?
Probably depends on the brigade but I know of three LFB who are TA WOs, two HAC and one Para.
I think it depends on the force you are joining,

A mate of mine was a special whilst in the TA, then joined the regular rozzers. They were fine with him continuing his training at weekends during his police training, and as long as it doesnt clash with his shifts they are fine about him coming in on drill nights or weekends.

Probably best to contact your local force and find out.
Hampshire Police seems to be pretty supportive - I know several police, from Constavle to Superintendent, who are reserve forces. One I know seems to be able to alter his shift arrangements to put in an amazing amount of time, to the extent we reckon he's a part time policeman rather then a reservist! Also know a couple from Hampshire Fire Brigade.

I understand thet there is an Ambulance Service in the north which specifically bans its members joining the reserves.
I am with the view that if you are a member of Police,fire bde then you should not be a member of the T.A-confliction of interests.National Emergency called/War who gets whom and do you choose which option? either way you leave a space that has to be filled by a lesser trained body perhaps or even left vacant.

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