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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Anon1, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering. Is it possible to juggle the two or would that be madness? Any advice appreciated.
  2. i know a couple of policemen in the TA and to be honest its a waste of time. they can hardley ever make it in on a wed night and if they get a weekend off they would rather spend it with the kids or on the p1ss. In my opinion they don't mix
  3. Much depends on the attitude of Chief Constables.In the past,TA service was regarded as a good thing,and probably an enhancement to a police career.I met several in the 60s who were in 12/13th at Leeds.They were good people.Given that many Chief Constables at that time,had done National Service,that may have swayed their judgement? For example,the guys I knew did not have their annual camp period,docked from their own annual leave.I imagine that the present Chief Constables,in the main,take a quite different view of the TA?
  4. Think you need to question why in the first place?

    The two things are going to take up all your spare time, decide which you want to do. And good luck!
  5. Agree 100%. Got three Coppers in my lot - really good blokes and excellent soldiers when they're in. However, we never see them.

    FYIW, personally I wouldn't recruit any more coppers and wouldn''t advice anyone thinking of joining the police to even think about the TA. The two activities are mutually exclusive.
  6. Each Force is allowed a percentage that can be TA members. If you get the approval of the Chief Officer, you are included in this percentage, you get a certain number of days entitlement that means you can attend annual camp with little loss of annual leave. You can also claim your bounty should you accrue the requisite amount of attendance.

    In my Force we have TA members who have police and TA LS & GC medals, so it can be done.
    We also have a chap who is relatively senior in the RMR (although he had served as RM/SBS for some time before joining up).

    We have also had people deployed to overseas Ops. (Hence the percentage, we can't all be mobilised, who'll eat the doughnuts ?)
  7. Dont, I'm trying my best to do it and it's sh*te, the unit begins to resent you cos you cant commit as fully as they'd like and the roberts h8 you cos you wont cover someone over a weekend. I'm almost at the end of my tether!!!!!!
  8. Its true. The police management are sh@t when it comes to helping their plods and ploddesses to do stuff out of work and really dont care if you work yourself into the ground. I know cos one of my good friends is a copper and has been for the last 7 years. He's good at his job but is fu##ed off with the organisation cos its so selfish. Plans after work = "we need you to stay on".
    Daughters 4th birthday party = "we need you to stay on". Going away this weekend with the mrs = "got a job going off this weekend and we need you to come in".
    I admire him and the police of this country whole heartedly but they treat him and his mates like s#@t. He also thought about joining TA but with 1 full weekend off in 4, what are ya gonna do?
    They're just a stretched as the boys and girls out in iraq and afghanistan.
    My advice would be either get ya kicks in you're job as a copper or jack it in and do something with better hours and join the TA.
  9. I didn't realise there was any management.......
  10. I do know of a gent probably the same man who Hogg spoke of who served with 539 Commando Squadron on Telic one. Who had a similar job in the job......

    Other lads from the same force were also Specialist TA RMP.
  11. You just have to be flexible mate, I am specialist TA and civie bill. You just have to balance your time correctly and make sure that it does not take over.

    Try having a look at your forces TA policy before you do anything.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Am looking at a specialist TA unit but will have a long think.
  13. what unit is it that your looking at?
  14. Management - yes. Leadership - no
  15. THere is plenty of leading that goes on...........shame its all down the garden path!!!!!!!!