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How about deciding on what career you want first off blue or green, sounds like you don't have that much service in. If you are aiming for an armed role in policing, joining the TA won't help that much it's what your annual reports say and what you've gotten involved in.

You might get a ticket in CID but next to nil chance of using it unless it's gone totally and absolutely pearshaped, there is no special branch anymore any op that has a FA risk gets an armed team.

On the plus side I've known officers that have had great challenges in the TA and non TA that have gone overseas to do training, it all comes down to how good a job you are doing at the time, the TA won't open the doors for you
I'm definitely not leaving the police force. Ideally I want to do this on top of what I'm doing. I've got 4 years in, pretty much straight from 6rh form. No it's not a long time but it's long enough to know what the job is. One of the real problems with firearms in Northumbria is that it's a relatively small team. You either have to know somebody who's already in or have a pretty exceptional application. This wouldn't be the reason why I join the TA, it's just an added bonus if it gives me any experience which can transfer over. That LA report sounds awesome! Does anyone have a link to the source material? You've known people who've been involved in overseas training? Cool, how did they get into that?
A few bad eggs give a lot of other coppers a bad name. We're not all like that. We're just like everybody else who works for a living. Some people let their egos get in the way though.
No your not all like that. Some are even worse. I know one who is a top bloke. But he treats the Met as just a job and not an excuse to act like a **** to every 'civvy' he meets. I think that's because he's ex Irish Guards. Never met a Guardsman who didn't impress.

It's just that every time another copper joins my county, we expect to get an arrogant tosser, mediocre instructor and poor attender. Usually, we are right.

Yes it is paid, but you'd be better off doing a paper round. No bounty, presently, but how and what we are remunerated may change soon. Maybe for the better.


Well good luck, but here's an observation.

So far, you come across as "me, me me" - you see the TA as enhancing your CV etc. Which is fine.

The flip side is, what will YOU give back to the TA? especially if you gain rank. In the past, Ive seen too many TA soldiers that work in the BLS, not contribute. Can't turn up to training due to shifts, can't go on courses, can't attend camp, etc and then expect their sub unit to bend itself out of shape to accomodate. Not everyone mind, but too many.


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secondly, from what Ive heard through another friend who was looking at Int Corp, they don't tend to do much green stuff, mainly (as the name suggests) gathering int however there are more opportunities once you complete bravo to get stuck in.

Don't do much Green Stuff. Bollocks, every heard of COIST? They are Organic assets within an Infantry Company and patrol with them 24/7. It depends on the Unit. 2 MI and 5 MI are all over Green stuff. 3 MI Support large Gucci Government agencies so aren't as Green but I saw them doing FIBUA and Section attacks two months back with the Rifles so it's not new news to them either. I have't a clue what 4MI do.

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