Police and TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Charley_88, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi, is it possible to be a serving police officer and in the TA at the same time?
  2. Your Chief Constable may need a letter asking permission first.
  3. It differs from Force to force.

    I seem to remember Norfolk Constabulary didnt used to allow it, but Cambridge ( or somewhere in that area ) did.

    This was about 10 years ago mind.
  4. Also if there is anyone on this forum who does both jobs I would be really interested to hear from you. Particularly what job you do as a police officer and in the TA? how you fit your TA commitment around working shifts as a police officer? And what happens with your civi job if you get deployed?
  5. It just depends where you are really i know some cops in Manchester are in the RMP (TA) mainly because they have a unit in Ardwick most seem to go in SIB
  6. TVP also allow to a cap of 2%, most forces will not stop you, but there can be a waiting list and you do need to ask you CC first, unless your not in, which case join up in the TA first and the go for the police,
    but you will still have to declare your TA as with any employer,

    if you get mobilsed your civvy job is legally protected, but your work can appeal against your mobilisation so its always best to do it with the CC approval and not just hope they wont say no,,

    any other question pm me
  7. thats not strickly true I have 2 met officers in my unit and 1 who joined after TA,

    I dont know the in and outs of it but if the OP wants details there a phone call away,
  8. It is possible, but you are made to jump through a load of hoops. My force is one of the worst. Although we do have a good number of lads who make it work, including a large proportion of UKSF(R), for those starting TA training whilst serving its a nightmare. Your initial training weekends will not always fall in with your shifts, nor will your phase two training. But I'm sure that you have aleady considered that.

    My view is if you've got a bit of time in, and want to do the TA, put in for every office job you can find whether it be an LIO or Schools officer, or something in CJU - anything that gets you on mon - fri, even if it's just for six months or so.
  9. Expect a massive queue , my brother in law is ex-RAF and has been told he can't join the RauxAF probably for another year.
  10. It is possible. I was RMPTA before joining the civvy bill and continued to do so for about another 4 years before the demands of working shifts and trying to attend training became difficult. The travelling from Taff land to the midlands didn't help much either.

    Best bet, speak to your prospective unit and perhaps your sergeant mate. But don't expect the job to be that keen.
  11. Have a Senior in my unit who is in Tayside Police. He was in the TA before he joined but tells me he gets a lot of hassle from the force and his attendance in the TA is now sporadic whereas before it was fairly regular.
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yes - we had one guy ( ex RM) from Greater Manchester force and one from Oxford plus a DI from Branch in my old TA Unit. When I was in London, we had a lot of volunteers from the River police....not a problem usually.

    Oh, and while I'm passing, saw this and thought it might be of interest to anyone who...um...fits The Bill ?

    The reason they like ex mil is because they tend to be quite accustomed to hanging about waiting for something to happen. They are also used to
    i) getting to a given location
    ii) at a given time
    iii) with the kit specified.

    Mind how you go,

    Don Cabra
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My unit has a few Met and City of London plod. It is possible but as stated before, they have to wait for ages because of the 2.5% policy. One Met lad joined anyway, without permission, but he didn't hang around for too long after he finished recruit's course, presumably this was because he got rumbled/realised he was being a mong for going behind his employer's back.
  14. New joiners to the Met are required to sign a form to say that they are no longer serving members of the Reserve Forces and then can apply to go on the waiting list to re-join. If they decide at that early stage in their career to not tell the Met the truth about their membership I would suggest that shows flaws in their integrity. If the Met has no idea you are in the Reserve Forces then you cannot benefit from the extra time off and they would not support mobilisation. They may even discipline you for making a false declaration. So I guess its on the heads of those that decide to say nothing and carry on serving

    It is also worth remembering that Employer Notification is compulsory these days, so not sure how they would get round that one.
  15. some allow it some don't.
    get a letter from your chief constable