Police and summary justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Just watching Commisar Blair on GMTV (live)

    He now wants to give the Police summary power to evict people from their homes.

    For real :? He wants Police to be able to throw people out of their own home for such things like Anti Social Behavior and Drug dealing.
    These people will then have to apply to the courts to be allowed back into their houses.
    They would of course be provided with some form of hostel accomadation where they would be restricted in their behavior.

    Should'nt this be in the juristiction of the Courts? Somebody joked this week on another thread about Judge Dredd type characters Policing Britain, seems Mr Blair was listening.
    Are Police Officers now here to dish out summary justice?
    Would save a fortune in court costs but are the Police really the people to make these decisions?
  2. Torn on this one. Summary eviction of certain residents in hell-holes round here would probably be greeted with spontaneous street parties and a brass band.

    Not torn about the treatment, more torn about the fact it won't be the Coppers paying to re-house Mr and Mrs. Asbo aged 17 , and their 3 kids. Maybe London has a surplus of council staff willing and able to hostelise these individuals, I can tell you , other councils do not.

    And they would still have to be re-housed later, so whilst one estate becomes trouble free, thanks to the one family causing all the problems getting moved, it means it will land on someone else's doorstep , especially if the sentence is non-custodial.

    Not sure I can see the point of this exercise, save it shows the Police "doing something" however ineffectual it may eventually become.

    Prison hulks in Falmouth Roads, that's the answer :D
  3. I understand the MOD are thinking of extending these powers to the RMP and MODPLOD. They will be able to tag offenders on The Patch (eg wives wearing Ron Hills with high heels) and evict anyone with grass over 4.5 inches high in their back gardens. Back to back tours in sandy/hilly places will not count as an excuse. Apparently.
  4. my idea. rescue MR and Mrs ASBO'S kids create an ASBO Village somewhere in the middle of the north sea stick all the other little annoying ASBO sh1t's out there and leave them to it
  5. The guy just interviewed on BBC 4 who tried to explain these policies, gabbled on like some fairground barker. Obviously under threat of a spanking if he went home without saying every word of his brief. Even if I did not have doubts - which I do - his performance would suggest to me that he has to sell the fish before it smells too bad.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


    Bliar has unveiled his latest "let's be seen to do something" plans for even more restrictive laws which is so full of loopholes to be abused that ACPO will be shortly desribing it as "a very important piece if legislation that we welcome."

    Apart from anything else, it allows for people to be banned from their own domiciles even if they own the home themselves.
    This has all the hallmarks of the ASBO laws they brought in which as we know have been abused to the n-th degree.

    It's now got to the stage that I'd vote for the CPGB or any other extremist party if I could be certain that they would repeal all of Bliar's ridiculous new laws.

    Charles Clarke on the Today programme showed the NSDAP's, I'm apologise, I mean New Labour's attitude when in one breath he said it would be difficult to ensure that the police didn't take on a second job, and in the next, when the interviewer mentioned that that was what he had said denied it !

    Is there no end to the arrogance of these clowns ?
  7. Maybe we should build an ASBO estate on a remote Island and evict them there... Gruinard leaps to mind for some reason...
  8. And where exactly is he intending on putting these people? Unless he's planning to give them life long holidays to another country they're still going to be walking the 'streets' of Britain and more than likely even more of a nuisance than before. I can see where he was coming from but it's a poor action for an increasing social problem.
  9. You only have to note that Bliar has appointed the obese, foul-mouthed and deeply unpleasant apparatchik Louise Casey to be in charge of the 'respec' programme to see that it will be an utter waste of both time and money.

    The rising use of summary justice concerns me, not least because it seems to coincide with a rise in the arrogance of some young police officers and increasing politicization of the police.

    Yet again, Neue Arbeit are introiducing new legislation for no reason. For example, on 'Today', Big Ears quoted the example of noisy student houses. If councils enforced planning and environmental health laws properly noise problems can be dealt with.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Look at the composition of the Cabinet.....count the lawyers......making new Laws and overturning old ones ( ahem,such as the right to free speech) is their COMFORT ZONE.....these people are perplexed by the real world....what do you expect?

    Le Chevre
  11. Good idea, now the anthrax is erm..dormant...what are they doing with Gruinard? I suggest Commissioner Blair is appointed as warden of this erm..yeas that's it..."rehabilitation facility". Lay-visitors could be appointed to ensure its smooth and humane running, for example TCH, Cherie the WMF, Ruth "Surely Ruth is a woman's name?" Kelly; with Gordon Brown and Tony Blair as co-chairmen. for visiting entertainment I suggest the entire cast of Pop Idol and James Blunt.

    Right that's that sorted. Now then, Iraq. Now the anthrax is dormant, what are they doing with Gruinard....

  12. Perhaps we could forcibly evict all the residents on the Isle of White and place all the ASBO's in the country there. Would make a good Alcatraz.
  13. How about crucifiction? "Nail em up, that's what I say! Nail some sense into em!"
  14. From the BBC:

    Rights group criticises 'Asbo TV'

    Civil rights campaigners have voiced concern about a new channel allowing households in east London to monitor local CCTV cameras, dubbed "Asbo TV".

    The project will enable Shoreditch residents to check suspicious characters from their living-room with an on-screen "rogue's gallery".

    Viewers can then alert police to anyone in breach of an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) or committing a crime.

    Asbo Concern said the scheme was a "gimmick" and would be open to abuse.

    The CCTV channel is part of a £12m online community network project being set up in the area under a 10-year government-funded regeneration programme in one of the country's most deprived areas.

    Here, you will have a situation of people spying on each other

    Matt Foot, Asbo Concern

    About 1,000 residents in the Haberdasher and Charles Square estates will pilot the scheme from March before it is rolled out to over 20,000 households across Shoreditch, giving viewers access to some 400 cameras.

    They will be asked to pay about £3.50 a week for the full service, which includes cheap local calls, a free set-top box providing digital TV, public service channels and high-speed internet access.

    Atul Hatwal, strategy director of the Shoreditch Digital Bridge, said while crime in the area has fallen, the community safety channel will address the fear of crime.

    "The scheme aims to empower members of the local community to support police in tackling crime and supporting each other in making Shoreditch a safer place," he said.

    But Matt Foot, co-ordinator for Asbo Concern, which campaigns against the misuse of the Asbo, said the channel was "a complete waste of money".

    "While the rest of the project sounds quite positive, the community safety channel is a gimmick," he said. "There are professionals trained to monitor CCTV and it should be left to them.

    "Here, you will have a situation of people spying on each other, which raises concerns about vigilantism and vulnerable people such as children being bullied on CCTV."

    Sounds to me that it will beat watching Eastenders!
  15. Yet another example of a press release that will last longer than the policy it annouces./ Radio 4 Pointed this a.m.that the "Respect" Bill annouced yesterday is the 30th crime bill passed by this regime......Not very good at this are they?