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Watching one of these Night Cops programmes with a wee drinkie, and it amazes me how little respect there is for the Police (individual officers as opposed to the organisations).

I've never been in trouble with the Police except being stopped for speeding. I've had dealings with them a few times and meet them often at work. Most of them seem like pretty decent blokes and lasses who are doing a pretty thankless task in tough conditions with really shitty people, often with one hand tied metaphorically behind their backs. I have respect for them, and always greet them at work with decency and usually a cuppa if they have the time. In the street, if I have to deal with them, I'm friendly and respectful (but not in a smarmy way).

What're your experiences with the boys and girls in blue? Am I wrong to show them respect? Does it all change if you've broken the law and get arrested? Wouldn't it make your treatment better if, if you do get nicked, you went quietly and did as you were told instead of reacting like a brain dead mong?


Bunch of cnuts the lot of them.

I was wrongfully arrested for ABH a few years ago because they couldn't find anyone else to arrest.

Knowing I was innocent of the accused crime and the fact that they were acting like they were apprehending a dangerous criminaI, I took the piss out of them but not in an abusive manner, which resulted in a right tammy huff.

On arrival at the nick the Custody Sgt started to lecture me as if I'd done something wrong. I halted his lecture, informed him I wasn't interested and suggested that he just put me in the cell as he was boring me.

They then waited until 1400 the following day to interview me where it turned out that the arresting officers had claimed to have apprehended me 2km from where they actually had. Also they were looking for a suspect who was 6 inches shorter than me, overweight and wearing a green t-shirt, I am not overweight and was wearing a blue, pink and white shirt.

Needless to say after 14 hours in a cell, I was released withought charge 9 miles away from where I was arrested without a hint of an aplology. I told them I wanted a lift home and was informed I could have one if I waited for four hours. I rang a mate to come and pick me up.

The lying pig cnuts.


I don't think there's yet a total lack of respect for the police, rather a lowering of respect for authority figures in general. And this is not necessarily a bad thing, if it means that corrupt authority figures are less likely to get away with it than they were a few decades ago.

As a kid I was advised to go to a police officer if ever I was lost/in trouble, and there was an implicit trust for them. Nowadays I feel guilty when I see a copper, even though I've never knowingly broken any laws! I'm not sure why this is, except perhaps that transparency and accountability may be a double-edged sword.


Come to realise after working in the police that it is a medley of trying to clear your never ending and ever growing workload on top of being sent in response to incidents being reported which add to said workload.

It's thankless and normally you are dealing with people who are very anti police yet call you for assistance whenever they have an issue with some other upstanding individual. You spend most of your time trying to assist people who are usually creating the issues, who will then decide they can't be bothered going ahead with anything and all your time and effort has been for nothing. Add in the drunken brawls, missing teenagers, people with mental health issues who should be helped by other agencies but are continually failed etc etc and it can all get on top of you, I think it is when someone is having a bad day (which we all have) that these negative encounters occur.
Does it all change if you've broken the law and get arrested? Wouldn't it make your treatment better if, if you do get nicked, you went quietly and did as you were told instead of reacting like a brain dead mong?

It does change if you haven't broken the law but get arrested anyway. And if they have decided to use force to restrain you despite you offering no resistance, it can be quite difficult not to react, and or course any reaction will be treated as "resisting arrest", and will also result in an escalation of trauma. Some Coppers Are Cünts.


As an organisation I wouldn't trust them not to be out to shaft me on any pretext that lets them improve their stats so Mrs. May doesn't shout at their Chief Constable.

On an individual basis I would take them as I find them. If they are a complete arse I would make sure it was all by the book, and if that means we sit for an hour whilst their mate fetches a copy of PACE from the nick and then they wait for five hours whilst I sit and read it on the hard shoulder, then so be it.

If they're okay with me, explain themselves and if it's, say, a minor creep over the limit and they're prepared to save the paperwork by accepting I've got a 22 year unblemished driving record, I'm being co-operative and polite and they'll accept it was because I was concentrating on the traffic and not head-down on my speedo and let me go with a stiff talking-to then I'll stick my hand out, shake, say thank you and we'll part favourably. I wouldn't, for my own protection, draw their attention to the front and rear dashcams in my car, quietly recording everything, however.

That being said, any Plod who pulls me up and does as they all seem to do on these programmes on Dave and addresses me as "Chap" or "Mate" or "Fella" is on a hiding to nothing. No, Constable - I am "Sir" until you know my name, at which point I am "Mr. Pest" until I know how this is going to play, when I may extend my hand and invite you to address me informally. In return at all times I shall acknowledge your authority by addressing you as "Constable" or, if applicable, "Sergeant," "Sir," or "Ma'am." In return for my civility and my co-operation you will not, repeat not, attempt to stitch me up to make your figures look better. That way lies an admin vortex because whilst we might not be in range of the cameras in my car you can bet your arse I've got my 'phone quietly recording audio in my pocket and I've also got a reasonably good idea of what the rules say you and I can and can't do.

Which is another bone of contention - so many PCs, especially the newer ones, seem to have very little knowledge of the laws they are set to uphold and enforce.

Edited to add: I just noticed that all the above talks in the context of being pulled over in my car. That's probably because I can't think of any other circumstances I might have contact with Plod, other than to assist them as a witness.
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Anecdotally, and before the time of Blair and all this target-chasing crap we know today, a mate of mine at uni' was a bit far-gone on his 21st and was lifted by Plod mainly for his own safety as he'd staggered off from the rest of us on the quiet and was found trying to stagger up the main street, bouncing off of shop windows with serious danger of going through one. They let him go in the morning with an informal bollocking and even said, "Happy Birthday" on hearing the back story.

This was all recorded formally, thank Christ for him, as a week later a lass in our Halls who was subsequently found to be barking accused him of rape, giving the night if his D&D arrest as the occasion. He's sat in the nick, waiting for the sky to fall, when one of the constables that nicked him before he hurt himself came through and recognised him. "What you got him in for now, sergeant?"

"He raped a lass in his halls last weekend."

"Nah - he can't of."

"Why's that then?"

"He was in police custody at the time - check the log."

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