Police and Race-More energy should be spent on policing


One of the 'allegations' made by this man is that,for the Olympics Presentation of London,there was a 'promise' made that the head of Olympic Security would be ''of African or Asian' heritage.WTF? I wonder what other promises have been made regarding London 2012?

I imagine that the hunt is on for a competent police person,to be shoehorned into this appointment,as Ghaffur has clearly shot his bolt!

It would seem that all the energies of senior MPS officers are being spent on race matters or upcoming Coroners Courts!
I had a swift chat with the old man who had encountered Blair a while back (10+ years and in a position to assess his qualities) and his judgment was a man who was more politically (and not in any left/right/correctness) motivated than policing oriented. In his opinion this seems to be bad blood between the two. i.e, a clash of personalities, rather than any racist motivation behind such stories.

I've not asked him whether he encountered Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, but I doubt it since he didn't mention him.
The Torygraph,today,in an editorial ,suggests that both men should go! Given the size of the MPS,could such a thing happen at say a Dvisional or Army HQ(HQ Land) for example? I think not.Nu Liabor have politicised the police,to such an extent,that their leadership has become VERY weak.Also, no senior policeman takes responsability for any cockup IMHO.
The whole thing is embarrasing and is evidence of one of the many things that are wrong with the police. Leadership (or lack of) is a major problem (see my comments on the "where have all the coppers gone" thread in the int cell). The senior management of the Met is an embarrasment and full of politicaly correct idiots more concerned with saying the right words than police work, it's not a lot better in the county farces, but they don't have such a high profile.

Gaffur is in the top 5 in terms of position in the UK police hierarchy yet is not satisfied with it, why not? Ego perhaps? I would argue that his position hasn't been hindered by his race at all. In fact quite the contrary.

I, as a tax payer myself, would hope that the most capable person would be given the position for 2012, not the person of a certain ethnicity.
Blair had Ken Livingstone defending him on Radio 4 this morning and all Ghaffur's lawyer could come back with was 'and you are a racist too'.
I never thought I'd support the same side as Ken Livingstone in any possible situation, but here I am. Gaffur deserves to be fired and lose his £85K pa pension after dragging the MPS through the mud like this.

Blair can go as well, though.
Dont ya just get completely pi$$ed off at the whole "Race issue" being used as a statistical election tool?
I mean i will go bonkers if i hear another asian or black person say there should be more ethnically orientated staff here or more asian politicians policeworkers or whatever bloody trade / job.
What on gods green and still relatively pleasant plannet has [ LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY ACOUNTABILITY RELIABILITY RESOURCEFULNESS SKILLFUL TRUSTWORTHY OR EVEN (((QUALLIFIED))) HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR FECKIN RACE] i ask you?????? so if im african im more quallified? or if im from bombay im a perfect candidate?? and these friggin asian or black workers who preach crap about equal oportunities are the biggest hypochrits for taking up these bleedin jobs in the first place knowing full well they were employed purely on their skin colour or religion.
Can we not just get back to merriting people on their skills and not the size of their bleeding turban?
After all this talk about our british citizenship rights cos of being born here they then go back to their asian communities and their purely asian "British mosques" (try and get in you couldnt even if you wanted)
and their "asian British schools" shops clubs and factorys..... yeh they are really getting there with intigration.
HOW VERY BRITISH! so dont preach to me about race ffs....
Patriotism was once said to be the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Clearly The Race Card is the first refuge of the scoundrel.

Blair has been found guilty of racism, against 3 of his WHITE officers. I suggest that had they been minority officers, he would have had to resign then.

Memebrs of the Black Police Accosiation which bars white people on racial grounds can hardly accuse anyone else of racism.

Ghaffur's press conference was nothing less than attempt to influence the forthcoming industrial tribunal. By his petulant and selfish actions he has shown himself as unfit to be an officer in any capacity.

Who knows, perhaps he has an ulterior motive for causing so much disruption to The Met, perhaps this is his own personal little Jihad?

Just a thought.
The_Seagull said:
I, as a tax payer myself, would hope that the most capable person would be given the position for 2012, not the person of a certain ethnicity.
That as i am sure you already know would go against Zanu policey on capable Vs. stupidity rules. :x
I have met the man Gahfur. He was in the Lancashire police and was the CC or ACC as I recall responsible for the Security of the Party Conferences. In my opinion he was a lightweight and this was born out by the opinions if most of the rank and file that I talked to on the event regardless of their race or colour. The opinion of most was that he was extremely arrogant and concerned about how he looked in the media etc. He appeared less concerned with getting the job done than getting the right profile. He was tipped then to go to a senior job in the MET and the attitude was 'good riddance they are welcome to an over ambitious man with a very over inflated view of his own competence'.

Mind you those that I spoke to may well have had it in for a great man who was being wrongly held back - I doubt it though.

Time will not tell because there will be some awful fudge and the man will probably get what he wants.

His knowledge of security operations back in the late 90's early '00 was not good in my opinion.
I think given his high rank he owes it to his subordinates to act in a more dignified manner. A manner that would not undermine them or the organisation he leads. If he has a grievance then he should deal with it in a more discreet manner. He has shown extremly poor leadership skills and is typical of the type of ethnic who beats the ethnic drum when they don't get their own way.
If one were allegedly to time travel backwards to the early eighties or thereabouts, there would be seen a number of constables recruited from none white backgrounds into James Anderton's Greater Manchester Force.

Now, all these men bar one were fine fellows and it did not matter a toss what colour they were .They watched your back and gave a ****. The one who was not such a fine fellow seemed to break the rules and behave in an ungentlemanly fashion. There was much talk of this fellow getting away with things because of the colour of his skin. In any event, he started to rise like a shooting star and people waited for this star to fall. It did not. The assumption being that he stored " black" ( a list of things prejudicial to others).

If we were to imagine that Mr G. were this man, we may see a person driven by overweaning ambition and the need for power over others who has run the race card because he has not achieved the number one position in the country. Without doubt, Mr. G could have had command of a shire force. However, this would not fit in with his world vision which is essentially the pursuit of power and fame. Local commanders tend to have to actually deal with policing issues and don't get on the telly a lot. They also are well away from the perceived power base in London.

With respect to the poster above, Mr G has no agenda such as Jihad. This would involve subsuming his own ego to a greater cause. In his mind, I am afraid that there is no greater cause than himself. :!:
Points made by Resurgam are agreed with totally and are what I would have said if daughter hadn't just turned up out of the blue with a woncky car. Probably why I never made Commissioner. :D
The Torygraph carries a piece ,today,including comments from Ghaffur's first wife.Seems that his personal and work life got somewhat intertwined while at Manchester(shades of other senior officers methinks).Friends of mine in that force seem to feel that he was of average competence,but was pushed on because of his colour.Far more competent officers,of his rank,were not 'helped' at the time.If that's the case,the police leadership could be worse off than I thought!
I have but a few thoughts on this.

FFS grow up and get on with the job you are overpaid to do.I take it the hotel gathering/press conference was done in his own time and not that of the tax payer,that he was not driven there in a MPS car etc etc.


tommyhutch said:
pull2eject said:
I mean i will go bonkers if i hear another asian or black person say there should be more ethnically orientated staff here or more asian politicians policeworkers or whatever bloody trade / job.
In my experience its white people pedalling the whole positive discrimination machine in order to appear "ethnically aware" in the eyes of their superiors or the media. It's just another one of these f'ing buzzwords that you need to throw around in order to get anywhere in this joke of a society.
Some white folks have made good careers out of that sort of thing and have been very clever at reading the situation. This sort of attitude crept into 'my part' of the Army for a while there (not sure if it's still around or whether it f*cked off along with a drunk of a former SIB Major now resident over the border).

I would like to see Red Ken challenge the accusation of racism made against him.
What ever the truth the man should never have paraded himself on national television wearing his uniform - disgraceful conduct in my view.
Why wash the dirty laundry in public.
Ken Livingstone has now come out in defence of Bliar of The Yard.That's the end of the matter then!!

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