Police and Jury Service

I was under the impression that the police, along with felons, solicitors, those with learning difficulties, were ineligible for Jury Service.

Obviously, I was wrong - otherwise the case below would have been picked up far earlier.

Can I ask the policemen on here, whether that's always been the case or is something new that policemen can be jurors?

While I reckon that police jurors would come up with a more just verdict in most cases, there must surely be a question of impartiality

Policeman and Jury Lies


They used to be along with Customs Officers and a few other worthies but that was changed a couple of years ago when it was realised that the average IQ of a typical jury was that of a broken brick. Now most persons are eligible and it is far harder to get of jury service as a note from your mum is no longer accepted as a reason for not doing jury service.


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Can't remember when but the changes came in a few years ago. I think the perceived quality of juries and the difficulties in getting sufficient people to attend was the issue. I did jury service last April as a serving police officer as have a number of others locally.
Nice that this man was told to resign.
He resigns and the taxpayer pays his pension that he is still entitled too.
If he had been sacked, as gross misconduct usually warrants, we would not have had to
When I got cited being a serving Cop or Soldier gave you exemption. Most ex cops get away with by saying they know a cop involved so get dismissed from the jury straight away.
I've never been called but know a couple who have. Once the Defence find out that one of the potential jurors is Old Bill they generally object to that juror.

Pity really, might start getting some justice done.
Now...where did I put my black cap.
Thanks for the responses, guys- I obviously missed that being introduced.

Whether or not policemen make good jurors ( and I think they probably do) I can't imagine the change having a great effect on present state of the jury system.

Seems a strange and limited solution to a very big problem to me.

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