Police and Criime Commissioner Election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seaweed, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I have just received my postal ballot papers for this expensive and unnecessary farce.

    Clearly this is a well-paid political patronage sinecure and out of work politicos will be put forward for it by their local people.

    I am offered:

    A Lib Dem - no thanks, how could I trust that sort of woolly idiot to sort out crime?

    A piece of Labour filth - no thanks, I'd sooner soil my trousers than vote for anything to do with the party that has been destroying my country since 1945

    Michael Mates !!!!!! whose support for Asil Nadir suggests that his grasp of right and wrong may be a touch flawed. So, no thanks. Ever. And see Private Eye Hp Sauce: Mates Rates. Hampshire Tories must be off their head. Tells me something about any other candidates they put up for anything at all.

    UKIP bod. Not sure about the relevance! so no thanks.

    Simon Alexander Hayes, independent. Chairman of Crimestoppers Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, and past Chairman of Hampshire Police Authority. Mmmmmm a possible.

    Don Jerrard, Justice and Anti-Corruption Party. No heard of therm before. A possible after looking at their website.

    But I expect a politico will get it as they have party finance behind them.

    What does ARRSE think? Advise me please.
  2. It's the usual stuff, who do you choose from a barrel of rotten apples? I reckon there'll be a very low turn out, so apathy will get voted in no problem.
  3. Think yourself lucky, we've got Baron Hardup of Bilton AKA John 'Two Jabs' Prescott with three other 'also rans' who are totally obscure. The only cnut who is getting column inches in the local rag is the aforementioned trough feeder.

    Pity the old barsteward doesn't realise there's no pockets in shrouds.
  4. We have some fairly decent candidates up here..
    Torie - Air Chief Marshal Sir Clive Loader, ex c in c. No relevance to policing really.
    Labour - ex mayor and head of policing authority board or some such entity.
    Independent senior magistrate ex copper.

    Only the Tories flashing the cash then!
  5. Exactly my point, the only candidates with any chance are those backed by political parties and the post is supposed to be apolitical.
  6. Surrey has a choice between political non-entities and an ex 'police chief' and an independent. I'm going for the independent as the rest will just follow the party line.
  7. I am by no means a Labour fan or supporter but the Labour candidate is Jaquie Rayment (excuse spelling). She has been the leader of The Police Authority for some time and is considered by a few to have done a good job.

    She probably has the most experience but like you say she will be a Labour placement. Saying that she was a Labour Councillor when she was elected to the PA.
  8. You live in my area then. I reckon the ex-Plod has got most people's vote.
  9. In return for getting rid of quangos this is just another ploy for generating income for politicos, yet another layer of bureaucracy to eat up our taxes.

    I'm going to be spoiling my ballot paper as none of them are worth the job.
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  10. If you arn't sponsored by a political party you are stuffed! Can't wait to see what the attendance figures are going to be like, with crap weather and good TV it could be less than a 25% turn out, and that will be dire!
  11. Should we make voting compulsory? I don't think that'd help much though as you'd still get the same old.
  12. Yes you probably will get the same old gaggle for a while. People are just totally disconnected, even the Party faithful get disillusioned when all they campaign for gets binned after the bunting is taken down. We need to have politicians that are consistent and not self serving, and are there to serve their electorate and until that happens the reason to get out and vote is hard to find.
  13. That might help the independents; with all the “I vote …. because my father voted …. and his father before him” types staying at home.

    Certainly I plan to vote and it won't be for any of the 3 main parties.
  14. I'm going for either the independent or the UKIP bloke, dunno which yet.
  15. Same area as me. I do not want this so am considering spoiling my vote as opposed to not voting. But punchy may get in so am drawn to voting for another. That is my problem.
    now if that guy who got punched by punchy had pressed charges I wouldn’t have this problem.
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