Police almost shot 21/7 suspect

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lance_Jacked, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Although a serious subject, the description of what happened during the arrest of one of the defendants sounds more like stuff of films.


    I would love to have been in court as Pc 5566 said:

    "Due to my inability to deploy my Taser, I had to resort to punching him as hard as I could in the face. It is a taught technique."
  2. I must admit that I'm in awe of his self-control in using minimum force in subduing the suspect, although I imagine the thought of a prolonged suspension and IPCC investigation will have been in the back of his mind. Good drills that man :threaten:
  3. Typical, they should an innocent (although he was an illegal immigrant!) man and don't shoot the guilty barsteward.

    I tip my hat off to them though-I wouldn't have had as much self control staring at a suspect wearing a rucksack with fcuk knows what inside it.
  4. Hopefully the copper did this for real:

    "Due to my inability to deploy my Taser, I had to resort to punching him as hard as I could in the face and then stapling his testicles to the wall, whilst i stamped on his shitty face 50 times and then gave him a through a good shoeing, in the cells. It is a taught technique to all maggots to society."
  5. Seconded, outstanding evidence of good training!
  6. Its a pity he (the PC) didnt turn him into swiss cheese, this would have saved the cost of the trial and the cost of keeping him in prison, they are overcrowded dont forget :thumright:

    Its my human rights guv to blow people up hasnt appeared yet, but I'm sure it will (taser delivered 50001 volts instead of 50000), case closed, scum let off.

    And I consider myself a bit of a Pacifist :threaten:
  7. It looks to me that the police are having to justify their actions during the arrest.

    The scumbags have pleaded not guilty, when one of them was caught with bomb on back.

    Is this the defences way of getting this scum off - on a technicality.

    They could save a fortune and let the members of ARRSE convene a Kangeroo court. The guilty verdict would be accurate, how we get there is immaterial.
  8. From what I have watched on TV there seems to be an awful lot of evidence linking these men to the attacks, I can't wait for the defence to start.

    "So Mr Omar, you were innocently standing in your bath with a rucksack on your back, practising for your D of E, when these armed thugs broke into your house and punched you....... And all you had in your bag was flour for your lunch and Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach your hair as you fancied the Bros look this time....."
  9. I believe the correct term is "A full and fair hearing by a Military Tribunal" followed by a good shooting.
  10. Should Pc 7512 have a 'chat without coffee' for not shooting a suspected bomber wearing a rucksack (suspicious eh) in the bath? Sounds like these poor officers were taking risks not to shoot in view of the earlier incident. I have a great deal of respect for those who choose, in a calculated decision, to enter houses or tubes where they believe a man is prepared to detonate a bomb. The Spanish Police lost enough officers doing that!
  11. I like the part when,
    Now we know the real reason why the menfolk want their women to dress the way they do!!!
  12. next time use a fragmentation grenade and save us all the trouble .
  13. "He then ran onto a knife which he produced fourteen times backwards your honour. In 15 years on the force and indeed in the lodge it was the nastiest case of suicide I have ever seen..."

    I love "I punched him in the face to distract him"...it would distract most people I feel, as would the technique I was taught of grabbing someones testicles and shouting "Get back!" at CTCRM!

  14. "I had to resort to punching him as hard as I could in the face. It is a taught technique"

    Pc 5566 - otherwise known as DCI Gene Hunt


  15. "Such force as is reasonable in the circumstances" is the term. I would say several digs in the chops to a bloke with a suspected bomb on his back is well within "reasonable"!