Police act despite personal danger

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DogsHadMeTea, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Once again Britians finest, show their mettle,,


    Strange how 3 off duty police officers appear on the scene at the same time,
    The police are investigating the "situation" but I will bet my pension that the Scum Coppers involved in assaulting this man are not dismissed

    Coppers, they are no better than Bankers...
  2. Wait a minute mate, he hit a police officer, isnt that an offence?
  3. "He accepted he "accidentally" made contact with an officer but denied assaulting him. "

    FFS, look at him; obvious whiney arrse "look at me" victim; lucky not to have been tazered.
  4. Seems the old boy had sod all to do, didnt even live in the road the van was parked and decided to brighten up his otherwise boring existance by calling the local press for a moan and photo shoot. The van was parked on a private road, exempt from council regs, so no obstruction. The off duty copper was right to intervene to see what was happening. The blokes lucky the 2 charges were dropped, 3 proffessional witness statement should have been ample to have secured a conviction. In my opinion, senior management would have pushed for the case to be dropped due to the lovely shot of him being lifted from his chair by 3 of the forces finest. Disability or not, its no excuse for the aggression and assault, should have been charged.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    How hard do you think he hit them?

    Can Scuffers take the vans home like a company car?


    Why are the ' off duty police' chucking him in the van
    Why arn't the two behind tazering and C,Sing him if he's a viloent nutter?

    Coming soon a few retirements on ill heath and full pension

    Welsh Mong and Journo 1 Police 0

    P.S isn't parking on the pavement an offence anyway?
  6. tazer is an armed response to weapon threat, piloted only in small pockets across the country. Wouldnt have been deployed to a public disorder without threat to persons or property. No need for cs when the offender is wheel chair bound, didnt stop him "accidently connecting with the officer" though. Re the parking, no offence if on private land. The dog handler would normaly use own vehicle for taking the dog home, unsure why they'd let him use the van and leave it parked over night? The press might have had a victory with their glory shot, but the officers will not be taking early retirement for that, jeez, it was only a disorder.
  7. Nope, police vehicles can park anywhere.

    For a cop i'm not very loyal to other cops. I agree with the public most cops were bullied in school and are trying to get their own back, and i honestly dislike more than 50% of the people i work with... however just the thought of seeing this whinging, rights obsessed, benefits sponging, cripple being thrown into a bear pit makes me shiver with excitement!

    Seriously, he didn't even live on the street, and the first person he called was a newspaper. What the police should have done is tie his chariot to the back of the police van and then slowly increase speed and see at what point the tosser stacks and gravel rashes his face - and the press should have been invited to follow closely behind so that they can film it, and then run over his already fucked up body to save the tax payer supporting him through the rest of his pointless blagging existence...
  8. shortty, outstanding!!! Where are you mate?
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I like the sound of that
    If I give you my neighbours address could you do him?
    All he does is phone the radio station and send letters to the press
  10. Really, on a shout yes, but while you pop in for tea, I don't think so.
  11. Agreed!

    But seriously, is there a test in the police selecton programe whereby you cannot understand the concept of practical policin or media relations to pass it?

    Its just one rediculous story after another
  12. After that load of bollocks, I seriously hope you're taking the piss when you say you're Old Bill.

    And your moniker doesn't exactly fill me with confidence either.

  13. No comment!

    Yep it's assessed all through the application procedure. If police are still not sure or are showing signs of independent thought, using discretion or tact, then they are duly assigned a CPS advisor to sort them out.

    Yeah fair one, it's hard to tell from the story what's going on really...

    Nope, if you hadn't noticed it's the naafi - don't take the comments so seriously its said in jest. Christ if you cant take a joke you shouldn't have joined! (oh and no, above average height thanks.)
  14. Oops! I badly misunderstood that, then. My apologies.


    PS: I've taken the liberty of changing my quote back to what I originally wrote. Hope you don't mind. :D :D :D
  15. [quote="GINandSHEARSBut seriously, is there a test in the police selecton programe whereby you cannot understand the concept of practical policin or media relations to pass it?

    Its just one rediculous story after another[/quote]

    Its down to the arrogant fatherless who call themselves cops these days. The phrase " Sorry mate" and "I'll move it" would have defused this situation and destroyed this blokes attempt at a publicity shot. Instead Plod make an issue of it and lift the bloke - with the Press there. What did they think would happen ? Clowns, arrogant idiotic clowns.