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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. From the Beeb today:


    From The Telegraph today:


    Our police are not having a happy time.In fighting amongst senior officers,such as the Muslim guy in The Mets and his boss,being conducted in the press,certainly does not help the ''Police Image''

    Do forum members believe that a ''Todd type'' situation would be tolerated amongst senior military officers,or are there higher standards in The Forces than Police,when it comes to personal conduct?
  2. 'or are there higher standards in The Forces than Police,when it comes to personal conduct? '

    yeah right...
  3. let me qualify that....... since wearing a blue uniform, ive had to behave much better than i did in green!
  4. So, you've only shagged the typist and the civvy down the property store then, as opposed to both of them and all three of the canten lasses and that PCSO with the big tits?
  5. Bit of a specious comparison. The police are dealing with the public, therefore their personal conduct makes them subject to the constant scrutiny of a critical and vocal public who pay their wages through taxation.

    If Johnny Taliban doesn't like the way that he's treated by a squaddie then it's (usually) just plain tough on him. If Joe Public doesn't like the way a policeman treats him, then it inevitably becomes tomorrow's headline.

    The public has different expectations, therefore, no real comparison save at the highest levels of management, who appear to be equally incompetent.

    Salivates at thought of huge breasted PCSO.....
  6. Just from a personal standpoint, and as a serving police officer of 22 years, it seeems to me the problems have little to do with race, gender, preferences or religion. But more to do with the personal agenda of the people who joined the service/s with promotion and the advancment of their career as the goal. It was the same when I was in the army some officer types would sh1t on their own people just to make themselves look better or further their specific agenda, most are being driven by outside counsel.

    My wish would be that they grow a pair and stop biting the hand that fed them so well and put them in a position to make these sweeping statments.

    As for damaging the service, I doubt it. It just gives the chattering classes something to yaa about.
  7. This is just my opinion, but why does the police care about what the public thinks about it? It's there to enforce the law, not to make friends (although it often can't do either very well these days), and I would rather see a force which took a firm approach to all forms of crime and didn't give a tuppenny shit about public opinion than being a "customer" of the current PC powerlessness brigade who only exist to enforce Labour's unrealistic crusade against common sense.
  8. BZ, BZ. We only gained an ineffective police service when they started to listen more to the villain's whinges than to the victim's.

    I for one would prefer a far more robust policing method, which in itself would do away with so much of the 'low level' crime that plagues so many nowadays.
  9. I agree but would need loads more coppers, support staff and court room time etc...ie massive extra funding and criminal justice infrastructure expansion.....

    .......Until then things will tick along (Not so nicely) as they do at the mo. Whole reason why alot of coppers in urban/city areas are working like ****.....stressed out and up to their eyeballs in paperwork wishing they didn't have a mortgage/wife/kids/HP to fund otherwise would **** off and do something else....most of the middle management who've been in 15-20+ years counting down the pay checks till pension and getting by on remembering the good old days.......(trust me I know..blue isn't a natural progression from green)
  10. The nature of the service is that we try to be all things to all people and end up forgeting what we are there to do in the first place. The obvious corrolation to the military is peace keeping, you can do it and you have a certain amount of success at it but at the end of the day it come down to who has the biggest stick. In the police our stick is the law, no matter what an officers preferences or personel beliefs we must act within the law. Without fear or favour thats what they said when i was sworn in and thats what a few of the senior officers should remember.
  11. Just a thought. Bear in mind your post when 'police are appealing for help in their enquiries'.
  12. When the police appeal for help, you would help because you know they will use your information to remove a criminal from the streets, not because they're all nice friendly people. At the moment, I would be willing to bet many people don't come forwards because they don't believe the police will do anything meaningful, and will not protect their identity.
  13. I don't think there can be any better answer to that than the one offered by Robert Peel himself:

    Unfortunately, in the race for self aggrandisement by the personally ambitious , some senior officers and politicians have forgotten the very raison d'etre of the police force.


    * Of course impartial service to the law must include adherence to race discrimination laws.
  14. The problem with "robust policing" is that you need a very particular kind of cop to carry it out. There is a big difference between being able to be violent and being a violent person. Guards NCOs used to practise losing the rag at cars, bollards, tables...the idea being you learn how to turn it on. There's a big difference between that and just being a bully. I remember an American sitcom years ago, one of the characters said something that made me smile - "I dislike violence. But I'm awfully good at it". Those two cops who seem to have given that bloke a kicking, if they did what he says they did, are a pair of cowards hiding behind the warrant. KNobs like that create 100 criminals every shift, as they p*ss people off, who then tell their families and friends, who then tell their friends...........soon the neighbourhood is ungovernable and nobody would p*ss on a cop if he was on fire.
  15. Erm, no I wouldn't. The only reason I would report a crime is because the insurance won't pay up without a crime number, not because I thought that something would be done. If I could get a crime number at WH Smiths I would. Staff are less surly. Unless the paramilitary wing of ZANU NL connect with the public again they are in doo - doo.