Poli- Scameras again!

Just what are the police for nowadays?
If they want my money they can rattle a tin in public like every other do gooder, or just have a pretty looking girl with student-esque unwashed hair flash her erect nipples at me whilst waving a petition in the air like all the other people that need my cash to make the world a safer place but this is ******* stupid!

Photos of the van, seen in Derbyshire, started circulating on the web and the suggestion was that it is in fact a speed camera van in disguise.

It could be the latest sneaky tactic the police are using to snare motorists after they were caught using a horse box recently.

One website has already done a check on the number plate and indeed it did used to be white, so perhaps someone has forgotten to tell the DVLA about the change of hue.

But interestingly the picture below it is from the Derbyshire Safety Camera Team website.

This organisation is a road safety partnership consisting of Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire County Council,Derby City Council, Highways Agency, Derbyshire Magistrates Service and the Crown Prosecution Service.

One of four Derbyshire mobile cameras
Now, look very closely at the second picture and see if there are any similarities between it and the blue van.

You have been warned…


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