Poles worry about cheap Chinese labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Invicta, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Just found this on the BBC. People in Poland, of all places, are concerned about the arrival of cheap Chinese labour. Their worry is that this will affect the pay and job prospects of locals.


    According to the Chinese "countries in the west should reform their economies".
  2. Oh dear what a bummer for the Poles!
  3. The sound of roosting chickens comes to mind
  4. good good good...........the current influx of polish labour has created hardship for british construction workers,wages for skilled men have gone backwards and in some instances wages are now lower than they were in the 80,s....
  5. It's just globalisation at work. Actually it was the mayor of Warsaw who said "It's a good challenge for Europe to have lower-cost workers," and "Countries in the West should reform their economies,", which makes it even more depressing.

    Europe, and particularly Britain with its generous welfare systems are going to slide down the economic tubes over the next few decades. When a father of three has to earn over £25,000 to make it worth coming off benefits then of course we are going to see a huge influx of cheaper migrant labour and overseas companies exploiting our markets.

    I know we have to be competitive in a global market but when I heard the DEFRA representative talking on the Farming Program this morning about how it didn't matter if we no longer produced milk in the UK it made my heart sink. With farmers losing 3p a litre it just isn't worth being squeezed by the supermarkets with their "it's cheaper to buy from outside the UK" argument and they are giving up farming on an unprecedented scale.

    Having low cost workers here from the fringes of Europe has created a lot of resentment. It'll be interesting to see how the Olympic development is going to change now that we've run out of money. When we're trying to pay back a debt bigger than that left after WWll it'll be interesting to see how they try and make the pennies stretch.

    As a nation we've become fat and lazy and the better qualified or cheaper Chinese and Indian labour would be silly not take advantage of that fact. We gave up the image of Britain as a nation state long ago so where are the barriers?
  6. Already happening, try the S.E. London catford Wickes..loads of very straight from 'Guangzhou province china' illegals with bags of tools mixing with the Romainian/Bulgarians who are supervised by 'shell suited three mobile phoned' minders who negotiate on their behalf...least with the Poles you could deal direct... :D
  7. happens everywhere.
    here in singapore over a third of the population are foreign workers!
    taking good honest singaporeans jobs from them.
    and getting paid a ruddy fortune doing it.
    like redmancemedic-the cad.
    never worked in Uk for over 20 years and never will-low wages,stupid tax levels and just so depressing.
    and mrs redmenace is an asian lass and likes being in this neck of the woods.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Very good points. The UK is fundamentally broken. Money is being pissed up the wall in spades. To put it into perspective, I was offered a job back home a few months ago. It was an interesting position so I looked into the costs of moving back from the continent. For my current salary I would end up paying almost 2000 euros more in tax every month, thats fcuking 24 thousand euros a year more in god-damned tax, ON TOP of what I already pay. Fat and lazy isn't the half of it. Needless to say I'm not changing jobs :roll:
  9. The world economy's set up to favour the cheapest possible overheads. The Chinese will wind up being undersold themselves in time by somebody else who's reached the same balance point between cheap labour and adequately-skilled labour they're currently at.

    Who knows, in time it might even be Brits who'll take any job anywhere rather than be out of work? Stranger things have happened.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Had to take the last cattle class flight out of Paris last night - Chinese bloke next to me was reading his paper vertically, allowing me space to read my FT horizontally - perfection in international relations :D
  11. Quite possible, if the model of globalisation continues to function. Will globalisation survive?
  12. Good question. Personally, I think it will where there's a profit to be made and the person making it has freedom of action.

    Certainly, the west will continue to operate it for so long as we emphasise the free market economic model over regulation. If others don't share our perspective then that puts the western nation-state model of governance at a massive disadvantage. Responsibility without authority is never a good recipe for success.
  13. This country will haemorrhage a brain drain in the coming decades.

    Those that are educated will just vote with their feet - myself included, almost all of my friends intend to migrate to another country.

    Labour filled this country with immigrants that hate us, western culture and this country. The welfare system is so backward and due to the low minimal wage most people will stay on benefits - nevermind being a single mother which will equate to about a 30k salary a year.

    It's already begun

    Soon it'll just be the UK hating moslems, the squaking 15 year old chavs with kids under each arm, the bnp and labour milling around going "well, we f'ucked that one up didn't we?"
  14. The Chinese have a very strong vision of themselves and are territorially very aggressive in a way that went out of fashion in the West fifty years ago. Favouring a global model might suit us and the US for now, because the global businesses are largely based in the West. China and India are creeping into global ownership of high profile brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover, Corus etc. As their influence on global markets increase,(China soaking up copper, aluminium etc) it will become harder for the West to be so enthusiastic. Wait until China and India start making bigger inroads into Agro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries at a global level, then hear the US bleat. I don't think it's a sustainable model.
  15. All I can say is that its a good job we help there underclass with handouts....