Poles - worlds biggest drinkers?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, May 21, 2005.

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  1. When I lived in Germany, everyone I knew was pished on Koelsch every night for a year.
    When I lived in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, we were all I was on a bottle of vodka a day - sometimes two with one before lunch.
    For two years in Africa I did a bottle of Rum and a crate of castle a day.

    BUT I've never met boozers like the bunch of Polish lads I'm working near in Sussex at the moment. Now, these lads are, ahem, builders. Every - and I mean EVERY - morning they trundle off to Threshers like fecking Oompa-Loompas, and return 10 minutes later with - and I'm not making this up - 2 x 3 litre bottles of White Ace EACH. There are four of them in the gang. These 12 pints they will happily dispose of (warm, mind) before lunch at 1. This they take in the pub. After lunch, we sit watching them walk back - straight up and no sign of a wooble - with another 6 LITRES each. Some will take this home, others will actually need to stock up for more on the way back to the 2 room vomitorium they have just down the road from our village. Mate of mine works in said Threshers and they constantly have to blag White Ace from other stores as the computer ordering system shites itself. They're always polite and never visibly hammered.

    Last week I asked one of them what they'll be doing for the weekend. His reply - "Oh, we'll probaly have a bit of a piss-up."

    What a top bunch of 1970s, Spitfire-ace loons. :D
  2. On the other hand, do you want a house built by a load of blokes who were w*ankered ? :lol:
  3. I shared a tent with about 40 of them in the sand pit. God knows where they were getting it, but they were permenantly on't lash with bottles of cheap vodka.

    Theres nothing like a tent full of drunken eastern europeans, being woken up at 2 in the morning by the sound of singing and AK's cocking.

    Saying that, i agree that they have a huge capicity for booze. They were always up and about by half 5, and never a visible sign of a hangover.

  4. Worked in the Gdansk shipyard a couple of years ago, on the lash most nights, can't remember the name of the local lager, but it was 8% proof and on draft. A pint cost around 30p. Vodka was around 75p, but not measured. If you fancy a long weekend out with the boys,then, Gadinia/Gdansk is the place to go. Had a ball. They love the brits as well, especially us jocks.The place is full of good lookin totty as well.

  5. Also worked in Gdansk shipyards, staying in the Hevellius hotel. Nightclub under ground floor full of top polak & russian whores (all drop dead gorgeous!! about 70 quid a throw).

    Made the mistake first time staying there of opting for the 'local' instead of the 'imported' beer. doesn't taste strong, but yes about 8%. Was so caned after 7 or 8 of these had to be escorted back to my room as i couldn't find the lift!!

    Well worth a visit and top people.
  6. Damn...I'm a wuss. A few pints and I'm under the table. How the hell do you guys drink like that???
  7. Well, living in Germany I had nothing else to do and far too much money. In Siberia, it was so cold we couldn't really go out so...In Africa I was either with such great people or just so feckin terrified that drinking became a 24hr habit. In fact, in South Africa I've even flown drunk (that's at the front of de bus).

    Now I have children it's more or less a necessity of mental health. Also, I've recently imported my Sith Ifrican wife and the little refugee drives me nuts.

    These are my excuses, my reasoning and my method.

    Oh, and I'm on my 10th can of Kronie already!

    Mr. Woo
  8. Superb Boney M , we must create a linebook :D

    I can't sing the praises of Poland enough, and they can drink , my god they can drink. I got absolutely off my tits at a wedding party that went on, as best I can tell for 2 days in what looked like a castle just outside Warsaw.

    Open a family size bottle of vodka , take off the cap , stamp on it because ' We will not be needing that anymore English' , drink till you get sober again

    It's the only time I've ever experienced that phenomenon.

    Fantastic place, fantastic history, fantastic totty , fantastic people . If ever there was a country that was made for Squaddies , it's Polska.
  9. The bloke I´m named after (a Polish mate of my father from the early 1960s, when he was still working as a miner) was quoted with the following:
    "Drinking beer is waste of time!"

  10. When used moderately, alcohol is harmless no matter how much you drink

    Beer without vodka – money on wind.

    Vodka is the best type of beer.

    All are Russian sayings.

    Vodka is so good there's nothing worser (former Russian PM Chernomyrdin).

    Word-by-word translation: Better vodka no worse.
  11. KGB,

    I was in Pretoria in a few years back propping up the bar in a seedy rub-and-tug shop when two very distinctive chaps hove into view. The first was wearing an all-white safari suit with white socks, white shoes and a white hat. The other made Lebed look galooboy. Without saying anything else, I offered to buy them a drink, in Russian. Truly, only Russian diplos could dress like that. A few hours later the diplo in q offers me his card. As he explains:

    "Front is for me at office, no use to you. Back is mobile number. This my Biznizz Number. You call me."

    Top chaps and the only time I ever felt safe in the Pretoria CBD! Still got the card somewhere - very impressive it is, too.
  12. Hi trickywoo!

    I suspect that Lebed-type generals (and officers) could be found in any army.

    As to Poles as number one hard-drinkers, then I doubt. Ethnically I'm Polish at 1/4 and have a lot (though far enough) relatives who are Russians of course but ethnically Poles. I don't see a big difference between Russians and Poles in drinking. Brobably Finns are more likely candidates for the first place.

    As to nationality... I knew a man in Nizhnevartovsk. Once he drank 1 liter of vodka without interruption within a minute. He was a Bashkir. Barkirs are Turkish Moslem people in central Russia. By contrast I never drank more than 1/3 liter of vodka as one drink. I dirnk very rarely and no more than 750 ml. per evening.
  13. KGB Rezidnet,

    When you write:

    "I drink very rarely and no more than 750 ml. per evening." you're showing the point exactly- to the average a Brit, a bottle of vodka is a major drinking session and way more than most people would even consider attempting. However, you're right that the Russians and Finns probably do drink more than any other nation. Especially the Finns who hoard over the NW border to indulge in cheap Russian vodka! We don't see many Russian casual builders in the UK, mainly Poles and baltic states types. I think it's fair to say that the poles are both the most populous and popular, though.

  14. 750ml of vodka is 30 UK measures, and is one serious session. After that, I would be communicating via the porcelain telephone to Barf and Huey and would be ill for days.

    To put it differently, that's 300ml of pure alcohol (at 40% abv), or 6 litres of 5% beer (10 1/2 pints). And you don't think that's a lot?
  15. I lived in St. Petersburg for 6 months and then went to Yaroslavl for a kick! I learnt the best way to drink vodka was with a juice or bit of salad stuff to nullify the bite. In Yaroslavl we had no juice so had to chase with fruit schnapps. The most I managed before losing all social graces was 2 bottles, not including the schnapps stuff. My russki pals were still hard at it for another bottle before keeling over.
    We gave Russian beer a miss (this was in 92) as it was honking. The stuff nowadays is very palatable - Baltika (the dark one) for example.