Poles to Join Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Danny_Dravot, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody add any detail to the rumour that Polish citizens are going to be permitted to the British Army.

    Apparently they will be used to make up the significant shortages and there's plenty of them aged 18-25. The decision has been made because of the close ties between Poland and Britain in WW2 and they need to have lived in the UK for 3 years...its only going to apply to Poland???

    can anybody find a link?
  2. I think you'll find the close ties bit is a bit of a myth.
    A lot of poles think we fukced them over, and I tend to agree.
  3. And a lot don't!

    I am part Polish & served the full Monty, with those that can do a BFT in under 9 mins!

    Your name suits you as you talk like one!
  4. As usual to balance things out in this post I will play devil's advocate:

    The Poles helped out during WWII:


    Also, the French have something known as the French Foreign Legion where men from other countries can volunteer to fight for France. Maybe the UK could follow their example? I am unaware of any such organisations in the UK Military, although I am hardly an expert!


    In addition, is it not true that anyone can join if they are a British Citizen, and I think it takes 3 years of living in the UK to become a citizen - hence the 3 year limit. Plus they are also EU now, and if people of other nationalities can join, why not the Poles?

    Maybe joining the Army will help them integrate more into mainstream British society and give them more of a British identity - not necessarily a bad thing!

    Any thoughts on the matter?
  5. We have Ghurkas, but polish lads have done lots of fighting before, for Britain as well. Why shouldn't we have a polish regiment?
  6. i like that idea!!!

    The Polish armed forces in the west fought under the British command and numbered 195,000 in March 1944 and 165,000 at the end of that year, including about 20,000 personnel in the Polish Air Force and 3,000 in the Polish Navy. At the end of World War II, the Polish Armed Forces in the west numbered 195,000 and by July 1945 had increased to 228,000*

    * from Wiki
  7. Way back when I could do my BFT in under 9.00mins. (been out a few years now)
    I was in the RLC. Dont remember any Polish blokes though. A few women couldve been mistaken for polish coal miners though.


    ps Viva la Hansa
  8. Because the Gurkhas are still here for historical reasons.
    The poles joined us because the Nazis had taken their country over.
    We are the BRITISH army not a multi-national force, Unemployment is approching 2 million perhaps we should look at employing those people.
    Another good idea might be to pay us a bit more rather than trying to poach cheap workers from abroad.
  9. Hmm I see your point - but are those 2 million people willing to join the forces? Somehow I don't see it happening, at least not to such a degree that it would make a difference to employment levels! I ditto you on getting a pay rise though - that would motivate the force AND encourage more people to join.
  10. Indeed! I think the MoD seeks motivated personell,not lazy beerguts
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Did anyone tell that to the Commonwealth citizens making up the shortfall? There shed loads of them, a significant portion of whom are doing it for the shorter time period required to qualify for a British passport (4 rather than 7 years). Can't blame them for that hough.

    But this Polish rumour? I confess I never heard it before 10 minutes ago, and haven't heard anything more ridiculous in a long time. Just because there were Polish Battalions and Fighter Squadrons embedded with our Force during a WORLD WAR 65 years ago (and after their country was annexed by the Nazi's), that does not qualify them to join the British Army. There is no historical similarity between them fighting alongside us and the reasons why the Gurkhas were accepted into the British Army.

    Poland has it's own competent Armed Forces. For Poles.

    If a Pole decides to take British Nationality after meeting the qualification criteria, passes the security vetting procedures, swears allegiance to our Monarch and signs up to the Official Book Writing Act, then I shall welcome them with open arms. Not before.
  12. While I don't doubt some people on the dole are lazy fat twats, I think stories about us living in crap accomodation and having shit kit on tour doesn't do to much for either recruiting or retention.

    As to commonwealth troops, notice how it mainly the countries with a lower standard of living that are supplying the bulk of the troops.
  13. But we did fcuk the poles after the war by sending them all back to the Russians who then took them for a little picknick in the woods
  14. Wouldn't be very good for the economy to pay Polish soldiers with British cash, which they then send back home to their families. Especially if the tax payer is also paying those 2m to sit at home and watch Jeremy Kyle!

    Think in this time of financial crisis someone needs to take some positive action over the fact that many can make more money by claiming benefits than by working... About time that unless you've paid a fair bit of nat ins over the years, then you don't get unemployment benefits. If you don't work you dont eat! That'd motivate people a bit. And while we're at it, how about stopping obese greedy loafers claiming disability? CIC would magically "cure" their medical issues.