Poles launch campaign for Enigma code-breaking recognition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. The fact that they think that they have not been properly recognised is a news point worthy of note. That they want more recognition ditto.

    From a current prospective, Poland is standing up amongst the EU nation states and demanding recognition concomitant with their status as a nation of what? 40 million.
  2. The Poles broke Enigma when it was (essentially) a commercially available encoding device for traffic.

    Up until 1938 it wasn't that secure, but from 38 onwards it got ever more elaborate. Including the U-Boat versions, more wheels being added and even a book 'code' used to shorten sentances, with several options that could be used.

    Oddly they never used these for Herr [insert rank] or Heil Hitler (the salutation at the end of each message) which was an epic fail.

    The Poles certainly provided the base line, and inspired the future breakers, but let's not go nuts over the Polish contribution.

    Worth noting that the Royal Signals were the first British troops in to combat and were the only British Troops to be subjected to a gas attack in the securing of the enigma.
    team were sent to radio back procedings. Usual c0ck up, truck couldn't carry the stuff, gene packed up, batteries leaked and radios were fcuked. But they did managed to grab as much code breaking info as they could AND even a whole 1939 vintage (modified) Nazi Enigma machine.

    (all in the Vital Link, the story of the Royal Signals 1920 - 1988 (IIRC)).
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  3. "In both popular literature and official information the public was told that the breaking of the Enigma codes was due to the work of the British intelligence services to the complete omission of the work of Polish scientists," reads the resolution.

    It's funny that because every book I've ever read on the enigma gives full credit to the Polish contribution. The fact is that the Poles only got so far with the breaking of the codes. It was Bletchley that made the full scale reading of German traffic (in a timescale that made the intelligence usable)a reality, especialy when the Germans increased the number of wheels.

    The 2001 film Enigma, in particular, ruffled Polish feathers. The British production starring Kate Winslet and set in Bletchley Park made little mention of the Polish contribution to cracking the codes, and rubbed salt into the wounds by depicting the only Pole in the film as a traitor.

    To then say that a fictional film is not historicaly accurate, is like saying Pravda may have been politicaly biased.

    I'm glad the Polish govt. have finaly recognised their contribution, but that takes nothing away from the amazing results produced by Turing and his oppos.
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  4. The Poles did important very early work. That work should not be under or equally over estimated. Once the unpleasantness really kicked off the work done by the Poles was rapidly rendered obsolete by the addition of additional plug boards and wheels etc.

    The fact the Poles want recognition is a little bit silly when you google and get back over a million responses. How much recognition do they need?
  5. Only like us kicking off over shaving private ryan and U571 or what ever it was.
  6. seaweed

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  7. Bloody Poles, coming over here, pinching our codebreaking jobs...........

    Don't you realise that if it wasn't for those Poles all those doleys sitting on the steps of the social office, with their dogs on a bit of string waiting for their gyros could have been working at GCHQ!

    Don't get me started about Monte Cassino, Falaise Gap and Arnhem!
  8. You a tosser or what? Trying looking into the Polish A.F. and their part in our defence

    Try looking into Mount Cassino and the only force able to take it

    Try looking into

    Sod it

    Try the guessing game
  9. That would be how many in the forest?
  10. Bletchley make no secret of early Polish successes with Enigma; Monte Cassino history documents Polish bravery and achievement and we've heard of Polish RAF pilots so, wassa problem?
    Don't worry, guys; we're also accustomed to, ahem, another nation taking the credit for our chaps' achievements :)
  11. and the Poles are, IIRC, are commemorated at Bletchley.
  12. The Poles feel they have an International issue with this. Did they deliver?
  13. I had a Polish great uncle, a WW2 pilot. I don't know how he ever fitted in a Hurricane, he was huge. I suspect that if he'd managed to capture an enigma machine before the Polish collapse and his escape to Britain, he would have simply beaten some German to death with it.