Poles help PSNI fill their quotas.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Jon, I pointed this story out a few months back on another thread (due to the PSNI advertising in Polish, in the Polish section of a Dublin newspaper) & I pointed out then that it was solely because of the 50-50 equality ruling & the PSNI's inability to recruit enough catholics suitable for the job.

    Somone claiming to be "in the know" claimed that I knew nothing about the recruitment procedure, though I had obviously looked at the recruitment procedure & knew full well that applicants decide for themself which "ethnic" grouping they belong to, simply by ticking the correct boxes provided in the applications forms.

    Since ticking the wrong box is a criminal offence (for any job in NI, not just Government positions), then no doubt I would have heard of someone being prosecuted for it. But have I? Errrm, no! :roll:

    PS - Today I caught a Pole trying to steal two T-shirts by hanging them over his trolley & putting his own coat over the top of them. 8O
  2. You do know nothing about the recruitment procedure. The applicant does not determine his or her own background for the purposes of pool allocation.

    Also nowhere in your earlier post did you state you had looked at the applications forms, but rather made mention of other forms used in NI. The allocation of pool places for PSNI applicants is under completely different legislation. Have you in actual fact applied for the PSNI or are you walting it?

    For the record my qualifications to be 'in the know' are that I am a former PSNI federation rep, and Tutor Constable.

    Your qualifications are?
  3. Quite right, BBR, my previous post here:


    did not indicate that I looked at the application forms for the PSNI - I had in fact looked at the online application form completely only after your rebuttal in the previous thread - & behold, I was still fecking right!

    I had (several months ago) actually tried to post a reply to yourself in the initial topic, complete with screencaps of the online application form, which actually made a b0ll0cks of your claims. As I recall (& the Admins of this site can look at the logs to confirm), I spent that long making the post, complete with pictures, so that you would understand, that when I hit the "post" button, I was given a message that said I was unable to post because I took that long compsoing the message (not sure why, because it doesn't happen on my forum).

    Since I had not saved my message in any way, I simply tore out my last remaining hairs & resolved to answer you at a later date. Since then I have been busy, & have got a new hard drive & lots of stuff has been deleted - which would include the screencaps of the PSNI online application form. But since you are "in the know", I am sure you can furnish me with the exact details of it.

    As to your question of whether I was a "Walt" or had I applied. I have never applied for the PSNI, simpy because I know that the sight in one of my eyes is not up to the required standard, & hence I should not waste their time. I do however take a keen interest in NI politics, particularly when there is a blatant injustice going on - & the PSNI injustice is the 50-50 rule.

    So since you are so well connected, please explain to us all why the PSNI, which gets several thousand applicants every time they advertise for new recruits, is advertising in Polish, in the Polish section of a Dublin newspaper, when they clearly have enough "other" people applying for the 50% "other" positions, which you claim will also be the grouping for any successful Polish applicant.

    Oh, that's right. You can't! Or can you? :?

    PS - were you the person that instructs the recruits to don a High-Vis jacket & walk slowly towards any potential troublemakers? If so, then you're fired, because it doesn't work. :roll:
  4. The reason for seeking Polish applicants is rather obvious and has been made here previously.

    Think about for a while.

    I suggest there is a lot more than lack of eyesight that would prevent you from becoming a Police officer.
  5. Because of all the Polish immigrants? Again, b0ll0cks! As I'm sure you are aware, the majority of immigrants from Eastern European countries cause very little hassle & are a breath of fresh air compared to the local NI populace. There are very few criminal incidents involving them, & even when they are involved it is usually as a victim & not the perpetrator, so why are Polish speaking officers needed when a simple PSNI employed translator is perfectly capable of purveying to the police any report of a crime by a non English speaking Pole? Who knows? The Polish victim may even bring an English speaking friend to help things along instead.

    There have of course been serious crimes, such as murder, involving Eastern European immigrants, but I'm sure you will agree that those incidents are few & far between in NI & will happen amongst any group of people. The largest scale incident I have heard of involving Eastern European immigrants in NI, was a riot at a Dungannon (or possibly Cookstown) factory - apparently the Eastern European immigrants & the Western Samoan immigrants didn't get on in the workplace, & eventually a massive punch up occurred between the two groups, leading to the PSNI being called out - have the PSNI advertised in any Polynesian language for new recruits from Western Samoa?

    No? There's a surprise!

    Now, I will happily take your point that it isn't a bad idea to specifically recruit Poles - if we had a New York style multi-ethnic ghetto melting pot going on, but we don't. And in keeping with EU law, any Pole in NI who sees an advert for the PSNI is perfectly entitled to apply, provided of course that they fulfill all the necessary criteria (like being able to speak English, & have local knowledge of NI - i.e, actually lives in the place), but what I singularly fail to understand is why the PSNI decided to advertise in the Polish language, in the Polish section of what is essentially still a foreign newspaper, when they didn't even advertise their recruitment drive with the official Government NI Job Centre? Smells like statistical manipulation to me.

    Over to you, Inspector Clouseau.
  6. Allow me to spell this out as simply as possible for you one last time.

    For the purposes of PSNI pool allocation, Polish applicants are "treated" as "others".

    So your theory about advertising for Polish applicants to deliberately obtain more applicants from RC's is bollocks.

    If you want to rant against what you see as discrimination, try doing some research first.

    Ps please post more policing tips and insights from your extensive experience, they are very amusing.
  7. A spokeswoman for the PSNI told The Times that Poles could count towards the quota of Catholics. She said: “When anybody applies for a post it is up to them to say what religion they are — Protestant, Catholic or other. If they put themselves down as Catholic they will fall within the 50-50 recruitment policy.”

    They'll not need to pass a maths test then! :)
  8. So now you don't even have to be a British or Commonwealth citizen to join a British police force?

    Edited to add 'or Commonwealth' before some liberal apologist kicks off.
  9. Poles in the PSNI?

    Strange.... most of the policemen I know are planks.
  10. EU work Regs.........is nothing sacrosanct anymore?
  11. So why put more effort & money into recruiting Poles from outside the borders of NI, than to recruit local people?

    The research was done (& lost), but since other more high profile people than myself seem to be taking an interest, perhaps you should also be addressing them with the same issue. Perhaps you could also have a word with the dubious spokewoman mentioned in The Times. Still haven't got the copies of the application forms from your mates then?

    Okey dokey, bit of a common sense one & applies to everyone & not just the police, but when temporarily abandoning a vehicle, for God sake, take the fecking keys out of the ignition, lock the doors & make sure the person you have left stood next to it is who he says he is. But I'm sure that you've already drilled that into any recruit that came your way?
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I seem to recall the Polish being rather useful to the RAF in WWII, so I guess they have form ;)
  13. Not to mention being the first allied troops to reach the top of Monte-Cassino at the end of that rather difficult encounter.

    The simple fact remains that the Poles are here and are willing to assimilate themselves into our communities thereby volunteering to join such institutions as the police force (whether in NI or elsewhere) so good luck to them.

    Lets face it, after so many of their brave lads fighting alongside our own to defeat fashism only to be abandoned as their former allies allowed their homeland to be subjegated by the red menace it is a miracle that the new generation of Poles even want to be associated with us.

    No blame to Mr Churchill, he tried bless him, he tried.